Beth Herrmann

Beth Herrmann

Beth is a midwestern pastor’s wife who moonlights as a Backroads Trip Leader. She has worked in over a dozen regions in Europe, North and Latin America. After two years as Trip Expert in Switzerland, she took on the positions of Regional Systems Specialist and Trip Expert in Vermont in order to find a personal maple syrup provider and quote lines from “White Christmas” as often as possible. Winters are spent hibernating in Watertown, WI where her husband, Noah, teaches religion at a boarding high school. She refuses to go outside once the thermometer hits -10 F° but instead spends her time practicing "My Heart Will Go On" on tin whistle, drinking really strong Irish breakfast tea, dreaming of long hikes in the mountains and attempting to find worthy opponents in Bananagrams.

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church beneath the mountains in Kandersteg, Switzerland

Traditional, yet modern. Buzzing with activity, but filled with peaceful pockets of relaxation. Where the Kloster Dhammapala (a serene Buddhist mo...

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Playing Tag

Backroads Family Trips are packed with fresh air and outdoor activity sure to keep even the most energetic kids entertained. Our on-trip Kid Coord...

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Swiss Wrestling - Schwingen

One of the greatest things about working for Backroads is being able to experience unique cultural events around the globe. Ever since I first set...

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