Benjamin Lilly

Benjamin Lilly

Ben entered Backroads via its delicious backstage, as a Camp Chef, just one year after completing his undergraduate degree in Linguistics at University of California at Santa Cruz. Despite having studied abroad in Switzerland, volunteered in the Amazon and acted in Mexico City, he’s never found a place that beats his homeland of Northern California. But the search continues— as does the search for the perfect taco (the best one so far is in a place called Camalú, in case you were wondering). Outside of Backroads, he is currently revising and editing his second novel.

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The Old City from above with-the-Forest of Marjan in the distance

Welcome to Split, capital of Dalmatia and the second-largest town in all of Croatia. Thanks to the unstoppable style of its natives, this bustling...

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shutterstock fondue matterhorn - Courtesy Shutterstock

If I learned one thing while studying in Switzerland, it’s that fondue brings people together. Fondue in winter warms you up from the inside. Summ...

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Prague Castle - licensed through shutterstock

"Praha" is Czech for "threshold": a reference to medieval trade taxes, but in many ways still an apt name today. My favorite city in Europe sits o...

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