Benjamin Lilly

Benjamin Lilly

Ben entered Backroads via its delicious backstage, as a Camp Chef. Despite having studied in Switzerland and North Carolina, volunteered in the Amazon and acted in Mexico, he’s never found a place that beats his homeland of Northern California. But the search continues— as does the search for the perfect taco (the best one so far is Tacos El Guero on Jose Moran street in Mexico City, in case you were wondering). He left full-time trip leading in 2018 to pursue a career as a speech-language pathologist, but couldn't stay away and now moonlights as a staff writer.

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shutterstock fondue matterhorn - Courtesy Shutterstock

If I learned one thing while studying in Switzerland, it’s that fondue brings people together. Fondue in winter warms you up from the inside. Summ...

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Prague Castle - licensed through shutterstock

"Praha" is Czech for "threshold": a reference to medieval trade taxes, but in many ways still an apt name today. My favorite city in Europe sits o...

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