Austin Render

Austin Render

A former Louisville, Kentucky-based accountant-turned-cyclist, Austin has spent the past few years touring Asia, Europe and South America by bicycle and motorcycle. Ever hear of people who just up and leave their desk jobs to go see the world? Yep—that’s Austin.

He's led Backroads trips in the Tetons, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks and in the winter he heads to Panama.

When he's not leading trips, Austin can be found prowling around in the Kentucky Appalachians—mountain biking, fly fishing and practicing yoga. Oh yeah, and playing the one song he knows on his beloved harmonica with a snifter of bourbon by his side.

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DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY! That's right, I'm talking about calisthenics: simple body-weight exercises that utilize the force of gravity. Push-ups. P...

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Pho ga, a staple of Vietnamese cuisine

For me, the last few years have been nomadic to say the least, as I have lingered in no particular place longer than a month or two at a time. And...

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Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Patagonia, the geographical region of the Southern Andes shared by Argentina and Chile, is often referred to as one of the last great frontiers. I...

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