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Ariel Kazunas has been a Trip Leader with Backroads since 2011, working everywhere from Oregon, Vermont, Montana, Washington, Utah, and California to Argentina, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. When not in the field, she calls Jackson, WY, home, where she has the privilege of spending her free time mountain biking, backpacking and skiing in the greater Grand Teton Park area. As someone who knows how vital time spent outdoors is to human health and happiness, Ariel constantly strives to make the outdoors more accessible and inclusive for everyone, Backroads guests and beyond.

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Venture with Backroads to el fin del mundo – the end of the world. Patagonia is spectacularly remote and truly a place like no other… where glacie...

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Utah is a magical place of diverse landscapes with enchanting geologic features. With over 70% of the land in the state in public hands, easily-ac...

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Is Bigfoot Real?

A fantastic tale of man vs. beast persists in the Pacific Northwest: the book, the film, the gold diggers and the scientist; the believers and the...

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