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Backroads Yoga Trips Around the World

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, more and more travelers are seeking ways to stretch the body and relax the mind while out exploring the world. Yoga is a popular and accessible way for anyone to improve their mental, physical and emotional health, particularly when complimented with a day of biking, hiking, kayaking and traveling actively.

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Sailing Through History Along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Floating atop the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, a 110-year-old wooden masterpiece named Bozidar, meaning “God’s gift,” awaits our arrival. As we finish our hike through charming coastal villages, centuries-old olive groves and secluded bays, the rocky trail conveniently ends at a small dock where Bozidar’s dingy picks us up to whisk us out to our group’s private boat for the week.

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What Is Curry and Where Did it Come From?

If you've spent any time traveling internationally you've undoubtedly encountered some form of curry on menus and local tables in just about any region of the world, and especially in South Asia. So what exactly is curry, and why does it seem to be everywhere? With a little bit of knowledge about this delicious culinary tradition, your traveling adventures (and your palate!) will be enriched as you learn to appreciate all that curry has to offer. I'm here to help you out!

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Iceland’s Hot Springs, Glaciers & Waterfalls

Iceland is frequently referred to as "the land of fire and ice." It is an otherworldly landscape and one of the few places on the planet where volcanoes and glaciers coexist. But with its spectacular waterfalls, hot springs like the Blue Lagoon and a sea rich with Viking lore, Iceland should be called the land of fire, ice and WATER!

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The Meaning of Aloha

Set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the world's most remote island chain, Hawaii is a melting pot of different cultures from around the world. With its rich cultural heritage and diversity, you may hear myriad languages being spoken here. Learning some key phrases in Hawaiian (or Hawaiian pidgin) is a fun way to prepare for your trip to this island paradise!

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Wildlife in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Yellowstone and Grand Teton are two of the best national parks in the United States for viewing wildlife... the "Big Five" refers to the most popular animals that visitors hope to see in the parks–American bison, elk, gray wolves, grizzly bears and moose. Whether you are driving, cycling, hiking, rafting, kayaking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or just sitting on a bench, you are sure to see a variety of animals during your visit, but the Big Five continue to win the hearts of our guests during their Backroads vacations.

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