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Secret to a Longer Life: Bike to Work! (Really)

What if you could increase your chances of living a long and healthy life just by changing the way you get to work? A new study has now revealed that if you trade in your car or bus commute for your bicycle, you could add years to your life! And unlike squeezing in a visit to the gym, commuting is something you have to do so why not make the most of it?
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History of the Bicycle – The Evolution of Biking

Happy 200th birthday to the bicycle! While today we rely on bikes for exercise, commuting and touring the wine country, the bicycle originated in difficult times. It all began in 1815 after a large volcano erupted in Indonesia. So much debris was ejected into the atmosphere that global temperatures cooled and crops around the world were ruined. This also meant starvation for animals, and in a pre-automobile era, left the problem of how to transport people without horses.
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100 Years Old and Biking!

This year I had the honor of attending my first 100th birthday party. Actually, my Great Uncle Mike is the only 100-year-old I've ever met. But age is only half of this story... Uncle Mike's 100th birthday party was a bike ride! 100 years of age is a crazy thing to wrap your head around. But can you imagine being 100 and balancing on a bike, managing traffic, flying down hills?!
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