Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs is a Bay Area native, though she spent a decade living, studying and working her way around the world before recently landing “home” again. After two study abroad stints and graduating college, she bought a one-way ticket to Thailand to try out a longer stay. Andy taught English to kindergartners there for three semesters and also began a yoga practice. After becoming certified to teach yoga, she went where the yoga world invited her: Australia, Europe, Asia, as well as Cape Cod, Florida, Seattle and Los Angeles. When she was ready to turn in her suitcase and relish the enjoyment of being surrounded by family and the beauty of Northern California, she made her way back to the Bay Area. Andy now she works in Trip Operations Support at Backroads, while reserving the weekends to hike, camp, rock climb, teach yoga and spend time with family.

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Backroads 100 year old biker

This year I had the honor of attending my first 100th birthday party. Actually, my Great Uncle Mike is the only 100-year-old I've ever met. But ag...

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