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Family Vacations for 20s & Beyond

When you were a teenager, did you want to go on vacation with your parents?  I certainly didn't! In fact, once I reached the age where I didn't have to go on vacation with my parents... I simply refused to go! You see, when I reached my twenties, my parents visited me and I visited…
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Plan the Best Family Trip Ever

Is there anything better than hearing your teenager tell you that you made a great decision (words you likely don't often hear)? Better yet is hearing that they had the best vacation ever and it was with you--wow! The key is to get everyone involved and make most of the decisions before you go, so the choices you do make on your trip are as simple as what to eat off the menu.
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Can your kids pack?

Have an upcoming ski trip? Headed out of town after the new year? Traveling with kids and family this winter? Does the thought of packing for the family trip fill you with dread? This certainly used to be the case for me. I have logged countless hours packing bags for family vacations...
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