Backroads BEST Club

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be aged 18+ and have traveled on at least one trip with Backroads to be eligible to earn Referral Credit.
  • Your referred guest must be travelling on their first trip with Backroads.
  • The intention of this program is to reward you for spreading the word about Backroads and referring guests to us; credits are non-transferable.
  • $200 Referral Credit is issued and can be used toward a Backroads trip on the last day of the referral's first trip.
  • The first BEST Club member to officially document a referral is the only party eligible for the Referral Credit. (So get your referrals in, before someone else does!)
  • BEST Club member may not receive Referral Credit for anyone who shares their address.
  • Home mailing addresses must be provided for BEST Club member and for each referral (even when the preferred mailing address is a business or a PO Box).
  • Referral Credit cannot be earned by commission-based agents or wholesalers.
  • BEST Club members' earned Referral Credit does not expire and there is no limit to how much Referral Credit may be applied to one reservation. The earned Referral Credit can be applied to a booked trip (that the guest has not yet traveled on) or a future trip, and may not be redeemed for cash.
  • Only one guest can apply their BEST Club Milestone Credit per reservation. If the full amount of the Milestone Credit is not used, the remainder will expire.
  • In order for a trip to count toward a milestone, at least 50% of the trip cost must be paid in new revenue. Trips where savings/credits are used for more than 50% of the trip cost do not count toward milestones.


  • Referral - An adult who does not share an address with the BEST Club member, and is not already linked to another BEST Club member.
  • Adult - Referrals and BEST Club members aged 18 and older.
  • BEST Club Member - Anyone who has traveled with Backroads on at least one trip.
  • Official Documentation of a Referral - Backroads must be informed of the BEST Club member’s association to the referred guest prior to the conclusion of the referred guest’s first trip.
*Backroads BEST Club terms and conditions are subject to change.