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Our Caribbean adventures are sun-soaked getaways offering the perfect blend: exhilarating activities—snorkeling on the Belize Barrier Reef, hiking in lush jungle on the island of Nevis, biking around the island of St. Kitts, riding in Cuba’s beautiful natural areas—combined with plenty of time to kick back and relax, should the mood strike. Enjoy ample opportunity to bliss out on the beach and luxuriate at tropical retreats.

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Mayan temple, Belize

Belize & Guatemala Multi-Adventure Tour

Maya Temples to the Caribbean

Hiking in Colombia

Colombia Walking & Hiking Tour

The Coffee Triangle, Caribbean Coast & Cartagena

Cuba Bike Tours

Cuba Bike Tour

National Parks & Latin Rhythms into Havana

Cuba Bike Tours

Cuba Multi-Adventure Tour

Cultural Connections & Havana Highlights

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