On Giving Tuesday Backroads Celebrates a Year of Collaboration with Global and Local Non-Profits

Company Joins Forces with Trust for Public Land, World Bicycle Relief and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund to Make a Difference
November 28, 2023
Berkeley, CA

Backroads, the leader in active travel, today announced a new collaboration with Trust for Public Land (TPL) and affirmed its continued support of World Bicycle Relief (WBR) and the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF). Backroads is proud to align with these and other organizations committed to protecting, preserving and giving back to the communities, cultures and natural landscapes that make adventure travel such an enriching experience for so many.

In September 2023, Backroads contributed in-kind donations and participated in a matching fundraising campaign with Trust for Public Land in recognition of National Public Lands Day. TPL’s initiatives to ensure access to safe, quality green spaces, create and restore public trails and expand and protect national and public parks are improving health and well-being in communities across the United States. Also in the fall, Backroads donated a trip for two to Yosemite that was auctioned at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy’s annual Trails Forever Gala Dinner.

World Bicycle Relief empowers people in low-income rural communities—especially women and girls—by providing high-quality bicycles to access health care, education and economic opportunities. Backroads has renewed support of WBR and their goal to distribute one million Buffalo Bikes to disadvantaged communities by 2025. Earlier this year on World Bicycle Day (June 3), Backroads employees and guests across the globe participated in WBR’s Pedal to Empower campaign. Backroads matched the effort dollar-for-mile and has also committed to a Giving Tuesday matching campaign. In addition, Backroads proactively lets guests opt out of receiving a pre-trip t-shirt or jersey and instead reallocate that money to WBR.

As a founding and sustaining member of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF), Backroads supports the organization’s view that adventure travelers can be stewards for the planet and a force for good. Through ATCF, Backroads, along with like-minded companies in adventure travel and outdoor pursuits, identifies, funds, implements and monitors the impact of projects designed to protect and preserve the cultural and recreational integrity of threatened communities, cultures and wild landscapes.

The values of generosity and personal responsibility have been a tenet of Backroads culture since its inception. In that spirit, individual Backroads’ employees also took the initiative to spotlight important causes and rally support for people in need in 2023. Whether it was fundraising for victims of the wildfires in Maui, bringing awareness to the plight of Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, donating equipment for youth outdoor education programs, or volunteering their time, Backroads leaders and staff found meaningful ways to give back. 

“At Backroads we believe it’s our duty to protect and preserve the landscapes we run our trips in and to give back to those communities,” said Tom Hale, Backroads Founder, President and CEO. “That’s why, over the years, we’ve invested in and continue to support organizations like World Bicycle Relief, Trust for Public Land and others, whose values are in sync with Backroads. The holiday season is always a great time for us as a company, and as global citizens, to reflect and be inspired to do what we can to make the world a better place.”

On this Giving Tuesday, Backroads encourages people to join millions of others around the world in giving back to organizations whose causes they believe in. 

For more information about Backroads’ commitment to Responsible Travel, visit here


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