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Overall, this trip definitely ranks among my very favorite Backroads trips ever (of six so far). The leaders, the accommodations, the biking, the scenery, the weather - everything was fantastic!
Laura Froelich- San Francisco, CA

Thank you for an outstanding and unforgettable experience! Can't wait till the next one! No detail left unattended to - truly a once-in-a-lifetime treat seeing places and having experiences that I otherwise would not have had.
Tracy Berglass- Santa Monica, CA

The absolute trip of a lifetime. I could have continued with this group for another week! Patagonia is spectacular and your crew did an over-the-top job.
Carey Condy- Kentfield, CA

I have been on a number of Backroads trips and this one was really outstanding. The accommodations and food were excellent; the scenery was lovely and thrilling; and the Backroads leaders were great.
Ellen Goldstein- New York, NY

This, our fifth Backroads trip, was the best ever! The scenery was spectacular, the accommodations lovely, and the leaders and guests delightful! The ultimate sign of a spectacular trip: getting teary-eyed in the van on the drive to the airport in Bariloche!
Kim Doyle- Atlanta, GA

The leaders presented the more challenging bike rides in a wonderful way (to the older folks like myself, as well as the younger folks.) All of us were treated equally. Once we decided to take on the challenge the support was spectacular. One example is the "epic" 70-mile ride on the last day. It was one of the most memorable sporting experiences of my life for which I will always be grateful - without the encouragement I got and support along the way I might not have finished. For me this support was similar to the best of the well-organized marathons I have run. It's difficult to explain how much the leaders made this a wonderful experience, but they did. They did the same on other challenging rides I took.
Tiffany Rystrom- Sausalito, CA

We love Backroads and recommend it highly to all of our friends. Truly it has enhanced our understanding of cultures, our love of nature, and opened the world to us. We are grateful for every trip you have provided and hope to do more in the years ahead. Backroads remains our favorite - although we have taken two trips with other companies. I think you do a better job on helping the participants learn about the culture and your guides are incredible. We will not forget our trip to the Patagonia.
Candice Nadler- Excelsior, MN

It was a wonderful trip. Lovely people, leaders, hotels, food and scenery. It was a very big adventure!
Fernanda Bratz- Sao Paulo, Brazil

One of the best vacations I have ever had. The trip was great and leaders/support team were superb (and then some). They added a great deal to the experience. I can't imagine better leaders. Everything was well coordinated and there was clearly a lot of concern in making sure that the vacation was as stress free and enjoyable as it could be.
Barry Greenberg- San Diego, CA

I have been dreaming about this particular trip for over ten years, so my expectations were extremely high. It was wonderful. These trips are the best way to see and feel a place. Keep up the great work.
Joanne Piscitelli- Durham, NC

Absolutely one of the best planned, best coordinated, and most enjoyable "organized" trips I've ever taken.
Stuart Meddin- Atlanta, GA

This was my best trip yet. The scenery was stunning and the weather was terrific. The accommodations and meals were really awesome. I enjoyed all the long routes and the additional stuff like hiking, white-water rafting, maté tasting. The leaders were terrific as well. They worked very well together. Our group was one of the most fun I have been a part of. It was just a lot of good times!!
Ashna Chopra- Windsor, ON

Another trip which exceeded my expectations. I can't believe how your company delivers the quality of leaders and superb itinerary with every single trip we take!
Jeanne Knox- Minneapolis, MN

The bike trip my family took to the Lake District of Argentina was spectacular in and of itself. But our trip leaders made the trip "off the charts" wonderful!!!! They were prepared and organized, helpful and very supportive, and endeared themselves to my family!!!
Margee Young- Austin, TX

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