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I was impressed by the easygoing manner of the leaders and how helpful and in tune they were... They really created a fun and laid-back atmosphere that made this short vacation feel much longer! We were joking on the van ride back to Caesar's Palace that "mom & dad " are dropping us off; us adults felt like kids for four days because every detail was taken care of for us!
Karen Sherman - Newton Center, MA

It was a totally amazing experience, from the physical challenges (and constant encouragement), the beauty of the location, the Backroads crew and the other guests, it just rocked! I can't say enough good things.
Sandy Seifert - San Angelo, TX

Backroads supplies amazing vacations, a truly admirable company clearly devoted to surfacing and training their trip leaders to work with the trip development team and support staff seamlessly and effectively. SO WELL DONE!!!
Julianne Vosika - Orlando, FL

Death Valley is a place I would have never explored. It was truly a wonderful opportunity to see something that many people never see in their lives. Backroads travel really does take you off the beaten path of life.
Martha Jansen - Boston, MA

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