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India - vibrant, rich, saturated colors of silk saris on women walking with bundles of wood/fodder/other stuff (tins of milk, axes, water buckets) on their heads seen against impossibly green fields or sandy desert landscapes. Monkeys, elephants, camels, water buffalo, sheep, goats, wild peacocks, jewel-toned birds and zillions of cows with kind eyes, droopy ears and calm demeanor. A rich stew for the senses, a fabulous trip! Backroads has done it again!!
Kristi Petersen - Denver, CO

This trip was chaotic, colorful and completely enjoyable from start to finish. This was our fifth trip with Backroads and although we travel a great deal, we always feel a sense of relief, in very foreign countries, when we meet up with our Backroads leaders because we know that they will take good care of us!
Shannon Grosko - Roswell, GA

From the very first hello to the last goodbye every step of the way was a magical experience. Everything far exceeded any expectation. The guides' attention to detail was perfect in every way. I hope my friends and family will have the opportunity to experience the magic of a Backroads tour. I couldn't think of a more perfect way to connect with the locals and experience a culture than on a bike to a palace.
Sonia Siemer

As usual, Backroads did a great job of showing me around a very foreign place. I really enjoyed the emphasis towards cultural experience. I saw and experienced amazing things that I never would have experienced without Backroads.
Patty Walton - Seattle, WA

One of the best trips I have ever been on. This was an outstanding way to explore rural India. It was also a terrific bike trip with the most beautiful route giving me the right balance between exercise, sightseeing and relaxation.
Leon Muszynski - Toronto, ON

I think you did a great job of taking care of us, of making sure everything went smoothly, of teaching us cultural India as well as just biking. This trip for me was not about the bike, I just wanted to go on off the beaten track in India, and I feel like that was just what happened. Thank you for a fabulous experience.
Diane Cooper - Lafayette, CO

This trip was our 32nd trip. I don't know how Backroads does it, but the quality of the leaders and the carefully planned itineraries continue to be consistently outstanding. Friends ask us why we like to travel with Backroads and we say that every trip has met and exceeded our expectations. We have never been disappointed! We have traveled to places in the world that we would have not gone on our own. Backroads carefully orchestrates each trip. Locals guides on many of the trips provide an inside view of the people and their customs in a very authentic and respectful way. The Backroads leaders handle all the details making the trip experience stress free! All we have to do is be active and have fun!
Jeanne Knox - Minneapolis, MN

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