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We have been on three backroads trips and think there is no way the next trip can beat the prior trip. Somehow you do it!
Karen Georgiadis - Gibsonia, PA

We had a wonderful time and came back with great memories. My wife and I have told my children that we are spending their inheritance so they might as well come along and enjoy. We are trying to do something of this nature every 2 years both to enjoy an active vacation at beautiful locations, and also to build relationships and common memories for my family.
Tim Powell - Roseburg, OR

The best part about this multisport family trip is that the children learn independence while they are with a group of family and friends that they can depend on while camping. Each member was challenged in an individual way each day and we were supported every step of the way. We had a fun time meeting new families and watching our children play with each other. We became closer as a family and that made me feel that was the best result of the trip.
Margaret Moody - The Woodlands, TX

Hands down the best vacation we have ever had! It's already a logistical nightmare trying to please a whole family; planning, packing, etc. Backroads took so much of these worries out so I could sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you! I knew that this was going to be a great trip. I had some minor trepidation because of the price and my husband was not all that happy about it, but since I paid he couldn't complain too much. He was convinced we would not spend this again for a vacation. At the end of the trip, he's 100% turned around and is ready to go on another trip because it was truly a priceless adventure.
Helga Stadick - Tampa, FL

We had a fantastic trip. Everything was meticulously planned and executed. We didn't have to do anything other than enjoy the riding, rafting, hiking, kayaking, and beautiful scenery. Couldn't have asked for more. Even better, all four of our kids also had a wonderful time.
Elizabeth Reza-Skelly - Needham, MA

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