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The trip was amazing. Very well organized and executed. But the thing that made it such a spectacular success were our amazing leaders. Each one of them contributed something special and memorable. Even when they were working so hard to make us a great meal, or unloading/loading equipment, they were always willing to stop what they were doing to answer a question, or assist with any request. We took pictures of them so that we can always remember them and I can point to each of them when guiding my kids toward their adulthoods. They were inspiring, fun and attentive.
Erin Ades- Ridgewood, NJ

The trip exceeded my expectations. The leaders worked seamlessly together to provide a very active, yet still relaxing, vacation. Not something easily pulled off with a large group that included more kids than adults! Their balance of efficiently and proactively taking care of all the details and extensive chores involved with camping and facilitating the day's activities, yet still being very engaged with their guests on a personal level is to be commended. Could not have asked for a better group of leaders!!
Ken Hines- Palo Alto, CA

We saw and did so many wonderful things each day that I'm sure that we experienced more in one vacation than most families do in two or three. I appreciated the structure of the trip: from moderate activity on days 1 and 2, to a more relaxed pace on day 3 (kayaking) to the "day off" on day 4, and the more challenging pace on days 5 and 6. I've always wanted to camp with my family but couldn't face all the planning and work involved. This trip let me share all that I love about the outdoors with my family and allowed me to enjoy it without becoming exhausted! We appreciated the cheerful and patient attention that the leaders gave our girls and the time that gave us to spend together and with the other adults on our trip. It was an awesome trip. We will always remember our 15th anniversary!
Mary Fernandez- Madison, NJ

I have never been to that part of the country before, so I really did not know what to expect. We have traveled many places and by far this was it for us. I believe the team made this trip so inspiring that we have decided to visit again. Without Backroads we would have never seen the area the way we did. Even my 17-year-old wanted to know when can we do it again.
Jamie Horn- Howell, MI

The best trip we have ever had. Before the trip my kids did not want to go, but they had such a great time that they were sad the trip was ending. The leaders were excellent. They were great with the kids and the adults. They were extremely knowledgeable, personable, and helpful. We had an amazing time.
Diane Mazziotti- McDonald, PA

We had a great time on this trip! We are not campers and we don't exercise outdoors much, so we were a little concerned about how we would do. However, the trip planning and our guides did everything to make us extremely comfortable. The campsites were well planned and set up and the food was excellent. We really enjoyed the van support on all the activities. It was so nice for each of us (the adults and the kids) to do only the amount of activity we wanted to, and to have the option to stop at any time along the route when we had had enough. We were so grateful to have our kids well taken care of if my husband and I wanted to take a longer route and the kids had a great time staying with the guides and the other kids. And, the food was incredible! I can't believe what the guides could pull out of an outdoor cooksite. On top of the great meals, we looked forward to the wonderful hors d'oeuvres every night, and the snacks that were provided for every outing were superb.
M. Fry- Evanston, IL

The best part about this multisport family trip is that the children learn independence while they are with a group of family and friends that they can depend on while camping. Each member was challenged in an individual way each day and we were supported every step of the way. We had a fun time meeting new families and watching our children play with each other. We became closer as a family and that made me feel that was the best result of the trip.
Margaret Moody- The Woodlands, TX

I can't imagine a better way to experience our national parks. We've now hiked, biked, swum and/or kayaked in 5 national parks with Backroads, slept under the stars in each and awakened every morning to some of the most magnificent views imaginable. My 12-year-old son is conversant about hoodoos, hot pots, geysers, the ice age, tectonic plates, bear boxes, bison populations and more thanks to the immersion a trip like this provides, and to the incredible trip leaders who inform and support us along the way. Thank you, Backroads, for creating lifelong memories.
Pat Zonnenberg- Marblehead. MA

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