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We had an exceptional vacation! The fact that it was a camping vacation resulted in many more opportunities for "spontaneous fun" for the kids, and the guides definitely facilitated and promoted those opportunities. In general, the guides worked fantastically together - they were a wonderful group that did everything they could to make our vacation as enjoyable and memorable as possible. When you add that kind of dedication and service to such a remarkably beautiful location, the result is an absolutely awesome vacation.
Debora Rodriguez - Irvine, CA

This was one of my all-time favorite family trips. Everyone in our family had an awesome time and I can't remember one spat between any of our three children during the whole week, which is a rarity with siblings. Each of our children gained self esteem with each hill they biked and with the praise and guidance of our great leaders! The children (aged 8,11,14) were given enough independence to feel really cool, while actually being well mentored and well cared for! It is the first time that neither my husband (an attorney in a high-pressured law firm) nor I (a physician) went a week without calling, or even thinking about "the office" or my patients. We have never been both so active and so relaxed, so in the wilderness (well, not really) and so pampered. Thank you!
Ellen Frauenthal - Atlanta, GA

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