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The trip and leaders far exceeded my expectations. This is our third trip with you all and the activities were so well balanced and diverse. Our 18- and 20-year-old sons participated in the children's kaleidoscope activity one afternoon and even enjoyed that! You all have this trip down to a science of exceptional activities. I had to keep a journal so that I wouldn't forget a single thing. Our leaders overheard a conversation we were having on the bus about yoga and arranged an early morning class for us. It was great. I absolutely loved the place we stayed in Monteverde. I also really liked having an activity on our final day - a great way to end our trip with our new friends!
Meg Lindsey- Cary, NC

This was the best family trip we have ever taken, hands down. I never expected a group trip could be so enjoyable. We bonded with our leaders and the other families immediately - so much so that I expect we will keep in touch with them for a long time. This trip was different from others we have taken - it was an adventure, a challenge, and a growth opportunity for us. Normally, I wouldn't expect my kids (ages 10 and 12) to think favorably of a "growth opportunity," but they loved this trip and are still talking about it.
Susan Mandava

We have traveled quite extensively with guides as a family and without reservation, Backroads leaders are the best. What great role models for our kids.
Kevin H.- Chattanooga, TN

This was our first group trip as a family. Having traveled with Backroads before as a couple, we were pretty sure it would go well, but you never know with kids. Our boys say this was the best trip they have ever taken and they loved everything about it - learning about a new country, the biking, the food, having fun with other families, and most of all - the great leaders! Our leaders made it easy for all the kids on the trip to become fast friends and for the parents to find time to relax. We'll definitely be doing another family Backroads trip again soon!
Judy Osgood- Reno, NV

My wife and I went on our first Backroads trip last summer - a bicycle trip through Tuscany. We wanted to share the Backroads experience with our children and immediately signed up for the Costa Rica trip upon our return. You did not disappoint!
Jim O'Brien- Boxford, MA

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