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This was the best vacation we've ever taken. I had a blast and learned so much. I came home feeling healthy and ready to get in better shape so I can enjoy my next trip even more. Although we were in a beautiful country, it was the trip leaders who made this so special. We had a great group and have come home with so many memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you.
Jane Heffner- Bloomfield Village, MI

One of the best trips our family ever has taken. The places we visited were so breathtakingly beautiful, the activities so fun and flexible, and the trip leaders were extraordinary. The other families were also just so nice.
Jillisa Brittan- Chicago, IL

The trip was over and beyond our expectations with friendly and knowledgeable leaders and incredible other families that made the trip special. Our children had a wonderful time and this was just an incredible way to see a new country while also getting exercise and learning about a new place. The eco-friendly part of the trip was very educational to all of us family members and something we will continue to practice as we travel. This is a much healthier way to see Costa Rica vs. going to a Four Seasons and just chilling out by the hotel. I recommend Backroads trips to everyone.
Yumi Kuwana- Greenwich, CT

Another outstanding Backroads experience - flawlessly executed by your amazing leaders. You guys pack more into five or six days without ever making guests feel rushed - including cultural contacts with the locals that would be impossible to arrange on one's own. Thanks again from all of us!
Victor Lerch- Raleigh, NC

We had a wonderful time on our trip. It was a perfect balance of cultural and athletic activities.
Brigitt Jandreau-Smith- Kentfield, CA

Everything was incredibly planned. Our son was the youngest one and everyone included him on everything from zip-lining to rafting, he smiled all day every day and we all liked all activities. The guides were wonderful, everyone had a wonderful vacation. I believe we saw the best of Costa Rica!
Laura Martin- Mexico City, Mexico

The Costa Rica trip far exceeded my expectations and was the best trip yet. We could never have arranged the activities and experiences provided by Backroads. Such great memories! Thank you!
Kathleen Antonett- Elgin, SC

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