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This was the best trip I have ever taken in my life. It was exceedingly well organized. Dare I say perfect? This is the first time that I continually miss a place where I just took a vacation. I miss the multisensory experience of biking through the back roads of Provence - the lavender fields, sunflower fields, bread and cheese (nothing like these to be found anywhere in the US), winding through perched medieval villages, the satisfaction of completing a long ride and getting to eat whatever I want. I really appreciated the well-written directions that enabled me to safely bicycle alone when I wanted to. I appreciated the thoughtful inclusion of features of Provence that in 6 days made me feel like I got a taste of everything that it had to offer. I tend to live in my head a lot in real life. The biking experience kept me in the here and now, which leaves me with a flood of what feels like several weeks' worth of memories. Our trip leaders were quite literally omniscient and omnipresent. I put a photo of the experience on my laptop desktop as well as on my desk to bring back the feelings of amazement, expansiveness, connectedness with the earth that I experienced while biking with Backroads in Provence.
Ping Ho- Santa Monica, CA

As soon as I said "au revoir!" to our delightful guides, I was overcome with awe and appreciation for the trip. I was nervous about the biking. That ended up being a wonderful challenge that I am proud to say I accomplished. And it was worth it! Eating the cheeses and breads, drinking the local wines, the espresso. Seeing the sights of lavender, poppies, cherry trees. Staying at lovely country inns and a châ was a dream come true. Anyone considering this trip - go!!!
Jennifer Engle- Boulder, CO

Provence is sheer heaven for "real bikers" who want to experience the essence of French culture!
Nancy Reed- Potsdam, NY

It became very evident over the past week for what reason you are the operation everyone tries to emulate in the adventure travel business.
Luke Kellam- Norfolk, VA

This was a wonderful trip in all aspects. Our leaders worked extremely hard to ensure our every need was not only met, but anticipated before we even realized we had a need! We've taken many active trips with various companies, starting with Backroads many years ago, then tried others. We're now "back home" with Backroads and will be loyal riders and walkers with your company for years to come. From the first communiqué with your company to the goodbyes with the trip leaders, we couldn't have asked for a more comprehensive, well-planned vacation in a beautiful part of the world!
Jane McBunch- Annandale, NJ

Wildly exceeded my expectations! I have never taken a "tour" vacation before and wasn't sure how I would like the experience. I loved this trip! The accommodations were exactly what I would pick for myself and it was a treat to have someone else deal with the arrangements, luggage, etc. The biking was terrific. We got to do and see so much each day but it was never overwhelming. I also liked that I could bike at my pace and my husband could find faster people in the group to ride with so that each of us could enjoy the experience.
Elizabeth Cohen- Glendale, CA

Being able to proceed at my own pace allowed me to make the trip what I wanted it to be. I enjoyed the variety of activities: the van Gogh tour, shopping in St-Rémy, the winery, to name a few. And our leaders were so friendly and attentive - their picnic lunches were gourmet experiences!
Sally Trice- Portland, ME

We had a wonderful time. Loved the experience. Thanks for helping us celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and my 60th birthday!!
Jay Kaplan- San Anselmo, CA

We have many friends who have taken Backroads trips in the past and highly recommended every one to us. We were not disappointed. We know one couple who traveled to Tuscany on a Premiere trip last year, but when we told them about this Casual Inn trip, they were pleased to know such options were available. Although we can't compare the two experiences, we certainly can't say anything was lacking. We would truly recommend this to anyone and will take another trip with Backroads in the future.
Deb Elstad- Salt Lake City, UT

This was the best week of my long life! I can't stop talking about it to friends. The leaders could not have been better. Absolutely the best! The bikes were comfortable and the support from the leaders great. The food and accommodations were even better than I anticipated.
Laura VanCleave- Jacksonville, FL

The trip surpassed any vacation I could ever imagine! The biking was physically and mentally challenging, I felt great, I enjoyed having everything pre-planned! I loved the countryside, loved Provence, the smells and the sites!
Alicia Nisberg- Palm Beach, FL

I just got home a few minutes ago and can honestly say that this was about the best trip I have ever taken!! The guides were just fantastic, the trip itinerary was amazing, the food and lodging were superb, and the other participants were just terrific. We ended up like a big extended family, although no one really knew anyone else when we started. We all had a blast and I for one can't wait to sign up for the next trip!!
Kim Frisbie- Boston, MA

This was the quintessential Backroads trip - fantastic biking, culture, food, scenery and people. It keeps getting better!
Jonathan Gottlieb- Clayton, MO

This was the best vacation I've ever had. Mid-trip I emailed a friend and told her to start looking at your catalog for our next trip. I can see myself doing many more trips with Backroads to many other countries as I had such an incredible experience in Provence!
Carrie Barham- Calgary, Alberta

It was the trip of a lifetime and was the perfect recipe of all that we find essential to the ideal trip: beautiful scenery, interesting culture with opportunity to use a foreign language, historical sites, gourmet food, and active outdoors time - yet without any of the associated stressors that usually come with planning such adventures. It didn't hurt that the weather was beyond unbelievable as well! Thanks for such an unreal experience that provided memories for a lifetime!
Craig Alpert- Philadelphia, PA

This was our ninth Backroads trip. The setting was magical, the leaders were outstanding, love the biking - wouldn't want to change a thing. Thank you, thank you!
Judy Rosenak- Highland Park, IL

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