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The leaders really made this trip an exceptional adventure. The beauty of the countryside coupled with the leader's local knowledge and sincere concern for each of us to share and understand all that the region offers made this a lifetime experience.
Nancy Ceridwyn - Oakland, CA

This trip was unforgettable! Of course, the weather cooperated, but we had so much fun. The riding was sometimes challenging and I finally met a hill I couldn't walk (very well)! Celebrating my 69th birthday on a bike with great people, superb guides, and gorgeous scenery couldn't have been better! I am always hesitant to try a new bike, but these were beautifully maintained, very forgiving, responsive, comfortable, and easy to get used to. I had thought about bringing my own bike, but yours were better.
Emily Oetjen - New Haven, CT

Fabulous trip! The group was perfect and our leaders could not have been better. They were the greatest!! Their caring, compassion and knowledge was outstanding. They truly made our trip terrific! I so enjoyed learning about the area and meeting the people.
Kate Rau - Chicago, IL

You will love staying at the charming masserie typical of Puglia. Your efforts on your bike, along scenic inland and coastal routes, provide the ideal justification for you to indulge in the homemade pastas and local specialties of the region. Can you say fresh, fresh, fresh mozzarella! For the more adventurous, Puglia is an undiscovered jewel.
Kathleen Maich - Regional Manager, Italian Trip Operations

My husband and I have been fortunate to travel to Italy on several previous occasions but never have we so thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in every sense of the word. From our adorable and wonderful leaders, to the food and accommodations, to the beautifully exotic countryside of Puglia, we LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF OUR TRIP.
Beth Schmid - Charlottesville, VA

This trip was really a great one. I feel I had an opportunity to explore and experience a part of Italy that is not yet overrun with tourists. The routes were truly on Backroads with little traffic and beautiful scenery. Our trip seemed to be filled with extra experiences from exploring a sea grotto to olive oil tasting to dancing with a local band. I cannot think of one thing that I was unhappy.
Barb Tokunaga

This trip was definitely one of the best!!! The biking was great (many types of terrain,) the food was delicious and the scenery was simply breathtaking.Loved, loved, loved, the Barsento tour! What a gorgeous place and the lunch was beyond compare! Mimmo was a great addition to our schedule. He is like Audrey in that his love of Puglia is infectious. It is wonderful to see someone so proud of his country and hometown that he wants to share it with people. On a personal note, I have to add that Backroads has really become an integral part of my life. It only took one trip to get me hooked. I love the research and anticipation before the trip, meeting new people and experiencing so many different things.
Amy Bell – Charlotte, NC

This was my first Backroads trip, and it exceeded all my expectations. There was a wonderful balance of biking, cultural, and culinary well as ample time for relaxation. Each day was so full, and the week passed too quickly. Yet, it was the perfect trip length. The guide at Alberobello is perhaps the most memorable. Again, it is that love and passion for his home that comes through and makes the tour so enjoyable. That, and the limoncello, rosecello, meloncello, almondcello, etc that we got to sample!
Andrea Wang – Washington, DC

By far the best vacation I have ever had. The people in our group were wonderful and the Puglia region is definitely somewhere I would never have gone without Backroads. I really enjoyed riding with a small group and working together to follow the map, to encourage each other and to take turns leading. It was a fabulous experience.
Tammy Than – Birmingham, AL

Backroads, you've got it right.
Diane Phillips – Chatham, NJ

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