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I have wanted to see Machu Picchu for a very long time. This trip was the ideal way to see it. The best part was that the timing of the trip meant I spent my birthday hiking the Inca Trail, coming through the Sun Gate and seeing Machu Picchu for the first time and drinking champagne while looking down at the ruins. It was truly a special day. The trip was also fun because I discovered there is so much more to Peru than just Machu Picchu. The trip up to Huilloc was very touching. Being able to give the children in the village the food we brought was very special. Having the llamas and alpacas hike along side us on the way down from Tombo Machay was great fun. The trip was well designed. It made sure to allow everyone a chance to get acclimated to the new altitude while getting us out to see all the area had to offer.
Barbara Grewe- Bethesda, MD

A wonderful way to get introduced to a part of the world I had read and heard so much about. Our local guide was fantastic - he gave us a deep understanding of not just the ancient history, but also how recent history, politics and socioeconomic influences have made Peru what it is.
Yadey Yawand-Wossen- New York, NY

This was my first trip with Backroads and I am hooked! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience - hiking to Machu Picchu provided a great way to see the sites up close and personal. I am a "Type A" person who sometimes has problems letting go, but Backroads planned everything so well I could sit back, relax and truly enjoy my vacation. I knew that our leaders had every detail under control. And our local guide was great, providing us with insight about the local culture and history. I really enjoyed our "culture day" when we went to a local village to visit a school and also traveled to a mountain village to take in how the locals lived on a day-to-day basis. You don't get this with other companies or traveling on your own. It is the type of insight that makes you feel like you've made a connection with the local culture of the country. A wonderful experience! Thanks Backroads for a great vacation!
Rochelle Babb- Folsom, CA

The trip was great. Our local guide was a fabulous addition to the trip, and I truly enjoyed his talks on the Inca culture and history. The visit to Huilloc will forever be etched in my mind - the people, the culture, the community and the weavings. Everything we could have possibly wanted all brought together for us to experience.
Kimberly Wright- Wilmington, DE

I thought it would be hard to top my last Backroads trip, but the additional cultural learning, made possible by having a local guide with us every day, certainly made this trip extra special. For me, Day 4 was an excellent example of what would be impossible for me to arrange on my own but what Backroads can do to perfection: Ollantaytambo, lovely hike by the river, bountiful spread for our picnic lunch; up to meet Octavio and his family in Huilloc; visit to the Seminario Ceramics shop and meeting the proprietor and finally ending the full day with dinner at the Hacienda. WOW! As last time, I found my fellow trip-mates to be very interesting and engaging people and I had a wonderful time!
Ann Hornsby- Williamsburg, VA

This was the best trip we have taken with Backroads. Peru was wonderful, the cultural experiences were amazing, the local guide was fantastic and his support crew was off the charts. They are individually excellent and together seemed to work so well. We loved the experience with the local people, children's school and the village we visited. Backroads giving to the people made it all the more special.
Patty Cook- Englewood, CO

Our leader was much more than a trip leader to us. She was our nurse, counselor, translator, friend and humorist. She demonstrated exceptional fortitude, resourcefulness and compassion. She is an irreplaceable asset to Backroads and we hope that she is treated accordingly. We are confident that your organization recognizes individuals of extraordinary talent. She is such an amazing person.
David & Linda Pearce- Louisville, KY

The leaders were phenomenal. Always prepared, very well informed and made the workings of the trip look easy. There was always excitement around every corner, the llama lady, the musicians at lunch, the dancing, the fashion show on the train, the weaving and seeing Dolores' house, the going to the primary school. What an insight into the Peruvian culture.
Cynthia Nicholas- Ontario, Canada

Another great trip full of new experiences, people and culture. But, most of all I love your flexibility. You offer levels for everyone, from the die-hard to the not so die-hard. I can say this is one of the main reasons why I'm coming back to Backroads. It's beginning to feel like family whenever I contact you.
Evi Alford- Campbell, CT

I cannot say enough wonderful things about our local guide. He was incredibly knowledgeable, and I learned more than I could have dreamed of about Peru. Just all the little details he had gave us such a rich understanding of life for people in Peru. I wish we could have everything he said written in a book because he gave us so much and it was all so interesting. He also had grace and humility and charm. He was so easy to listen to and I can easily say that I love him!!
Jane McGillivray- Seattle, WA

Everything was perfect from start to finish and the trip extremely exceeded my expectations. I would not have been able to do 75% of these things if on my own. The combination of outdoors/exercise with cultural experience was perfect. The added bonuses - for example of music at lunch when hiking in Cuzco, visiting Huilloc to see local weavers, having a lama-herding woman hiking with us - were not expected and really made the trip. Giving food to the children in Huilloc is something that I will never forget. I appreciate that Backroads gives to the local people.
Linda Douglas- Cambridge, MA

The trip was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. The Backroads touch (organization, local contacts, trip leaders) made all the difference. It was a fantastic trip in all respects.
Pam Gellen- Chicago, IL

This trip was fantastic in every area! We couldn't have asked for better! I thoroughly enjoyed the hiking on this trip as well as the cultural, historical, and educational opportunities. Every day was filled with surprises...our leaders were terrific! They pulled it all together so well. I would enjoy being on another trip with them both! This was a trip of a lifetime!
Ginny Green- Elyria, OH

I chose to celebrate my 50th birthday on Machu Picchu with 20 strangers. Thanks to Backroads it was an outstanding trip that I will never forget.
Virginia Boyd- Portola Valley, CA

Amazing combination of scenic beauty and cultural experiences. Backroads is 4-for-4 now and gives me no reason to look at any other adventure travel company. I am already thinking about my next booking.
Grant Young- Cary, NC

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