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The variety of the hotels, not to mention the scenery and terrain of each of the hikes, made for a well-rounded and really wonderful vacation. Balance between activity and downtime was just perfect for me. The high quality of the trip, not surprisingly, was due to our leaders. They were fantastic, and complemented each other perfectly - they were just very, very good at their jobs. When I went on my first Backroads trip last year, I was really dubious of the group thing. But the structure of the trip and the fact that the leaders really do go out of their way to ensure each guest gets what they need makes the price of the trip worth every penny.
Daisy Kline- New York, NY

We took other trips and quite a few other walking trips with different companies and have never had anything but a marvelous experience. The trip to Ireland, however, far outdid any trip we've taken! This trip to Ireland was truly the very best! I am sure that most of it was due to the outstanding leaders and of course, the gorgeous country and just the right mix of people. Our accommodations were superb. We have had all of that on other trips but there was something magical about this trip and we THANK YOU for all that you put into it.
Katie Gordon- Pittsburgh, PA

I loved the entire experience, and it was more than we hoped for. We got a real feel for the land, the people, the culture and history.
Art Repke- Alexandria, VA

Once again, another great Backroads trip. The accommodations, food, experiences were the best. Even better were the leaders, who made it all come together, and who made a group of strangers into friends.
Jean Herman- Stillwater, MN

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