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Outstanding! Beyond my expectations! This was my fourth Backroads trip and my expectations were low because I was staying in the States for the first time. I should have known that you all would bring to life a part of the country that I have never seen and that I now I appreciate. It was a FABULOUS trip!
Amy Porter- Arlington, VA

This was by far the best vacation I have ever been on. Seeing the region for the first time through biking, hiking, and kayaking was unbelievable. As cars passed me by on the bike, I couldn't help but think of all they were missing. Backroads picked the best of Yellowstone and Grand Teton for us to see in a reasonable amount of time. The accommodations were great and quite frankly, I don't know if you could have picked two more compatible leaders. They were truly a great team. They made the vacation so fun - the whole group really worked well together. I will most definitely be recommending Backroads to friends. I'm looking forward to my next vacation - the only problem will be deciding which one to do next!!!
Leslie Dansby- Greenville, SC

The Yellowstone/Grand Teton trip was awesome! Perfect blend of activity and sightseeing, with absolutely none of the normal vacation stress! Our leaders took care of everything, and made sure that everyone had fun. It feels like I have 22 new friends, as everyone in the group hit it off. It was sad to say good-bye at the end of the week.
Jill Ash- Suffolk, VA

What a fabulous family trip. We laughed and competitively encouraged each other to finish an activity. The five of us spent more time together on this trip than we do when we are at home. We also met other wonderful families that we are going to keep in touch with from around the world. We all amazed ourselves in our sense of what we had accomplished at the end of each day. We now all have our own cherished memories of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. These are great times to laugh about and share.
Margaret Salin- Carmel, IN

We're now hooked on Backroads! It would be hard to imagine a more balanced, better planned, or executed trip. The scenery is, of course, spectacular under any circumstances, but the energizing and accommodating nature of our trip leaders made the experience truly enjoyable. Our three leaders are truly outstanding representatives of your company.
Ken Chow- Laurel, MD

This trip was beyond my best of times. For family time and excellence of experience from all of us - thank you, Backroads, for making it possible. Our special guides were wonderful. The new friends that we made, children and adults, were awesome. I am 61 years old and have looked at Backroads brochures for 25-30 years. Our guides made this trip so enjoyable. I will praise your company to all the people I meet. My granddaughters will have the best possible memories of our time together in Yellowstone and the Tetons. Way to go Backroads. Thank you.
Marty Hart- Troutman, NC

A fabulous trip - best vacation we've had in years! We really enjoyed the group of people we were traveling with, and enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the week. We were all different, yet had the important commonality of wanting a fun, active and adventuresome vacation, and that was a great bond.
Donna Hecker- Columbus, OH

This was my first Backroads experience. I had heard and read some wonderful stories, and so my expectations were rather high. I can honestly say that this trip exceeded every expectation I had and raised the bar to unbelievable heights. I have never experienced a more prepared and pleasurable trip. Every facet of the week was excellent - from the first meeting to the final wrap-up. It was an awesome experience!!
Peter Doyle- Lynchburg, VA

This was a perfect vacation for us. It allowed us to really see and enjoy a beautiful part of our country all the while getting some exercise!
Mary Miett- East Haddam, CT

This was a great trip - I felt I saw a lot of what Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons have to offer while at the same time staying away from the crowds.
Deborah Levine- Brookline, MA

Once again, Backroads has given us a fantastic vacation experience. Loved the variety of activities. The chance to see so much wildlife overwhelmed me. If you want to see spectacular views and wildlife in our own national parks, this is the way to do it!
Anne Wright- Noblesville, IN

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