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Overall, a fantastic trip with great leaders, a well-picked intinerary and flawless logistics. It doesn't get any better than this. The pleasure factor was high, the hassle factor low and the wow factor was off the scale. The accommodations in Seward and McKinley were quite nice and the accommodations at the Alyeska were even better. Don't change a thing.
David Fredricks- Seattle, WA

Great trip as always. We love to learn about the area from the ground up and this Alaska trip was no exception. Explore, get exercise and meet new people. Perfect.
Karen Allen- San Diego, CA

My family has just started to take group trips that involve more than just a beach and laying around, which is wonderful because trips like those drive me insane. I love that Backroads has provided us with a family option that allows us to actually "do" things together (while making the decisions for us!) that challenge us all physically and mentally and take us outside of our comfort zones to really experience a beautiful part of our country/world.
Nina Portugal- Chicago, IL

We just loved the trip. It was our first Backroads experience and we were wary, since we are normally very independent travelers. I actually enjoy the process of finding the perfect hotel, plotting the trip, etc., but I have been too busy lately to spend time on this trip, and thought the Backroads plan would make life easier. It did! What a pleasure to put everything in someone else's hands. The leaders were super, the activities were good, the hotels were comfortable, and I loved not constantly thinking about pulling out my credit card. I also loved not handling my luggage, or worrying about directions. I thought it was a great value. Once I added up what we would have spent on hotels, food, transportation, rentals, etc…it seemed very reasonable.
Craig Colvin- Columbus, OH

I honestly cannot think of anything that would have improved this trip. The itinerary was well designed, incorporating a good variety of activities and environments. I felt that I experienced some of the most beautiful scenery in Alaska. I choose to travel with Backroads for some locations rather than designing my trips myself because I can trust that the itinerary, accommodations, and in particular, the trip leaders, will be excellent. Backroads has a knack for finding great trip leaders with appealing personalities who make sure the trip runs smoothly and that guests do not see/feel all of the hustling that must be going on behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience. I think the price for this trip provides tremendous value considering that we get guides, meals, equipment, etc.
Julie Kwon- Menlo Park, CA

I went into my first Backroads trip thinking that it seemed fairly expensive for only six days/nights, but came away with the feeling that it was completely worthwhile. The food was fantastic, the guides were even better, and we will never forget the places we visited. We really enjoyed the other participants in our trip, and made some new friends! I'm addicted to traveling this way, and look forward hopefully to many more Backroads adventures!
Jeff Turner- Denver, CO

I was able to accomplish things on this trip that I thought were beyond my ability. The Backroads leaders are so helpful and encouraging that I hardly noticed how far I had hiked until I had already done it! I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants a true adventure.
Theresa Diserio- Powell, OH

I loved every part of this trip: the natural beauty of Alaska, the enthusiasm of the guides, the cohesiveness of our entire group. There is something about being active all day in such beautiful places, but not having to worry about hotels, food, and driving that creates an ideal environment for a trip.
Christine Cincotta- Milford, CT

This was one of my best vacations ever - the Backroads itinerary was perfect; accommodated various fitness levels well, included enough of the Kenai peninsula to leave us wanting more, included just enough downtime, and the leaders made it all happen - the frosting on the cake. Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience.
Larry Schenck- Seattle, WA

Excellent trip. Backroads never disappoints. Activities were well planned. Loved the Alyeska Hotel. We are so happy that we chose to see Alaska with Backroads - truly a rewarding and most memorable experience.
Eileen Stassa- Tarrytown, NY

As expected, great Backroads leaders and pre-trip organization and the beautiful venue of Alaska made this another memorable and thoroughly enjoyable trip. Thanks!
Richard Fritsch- Washington, DC

The Alaska multisport trip far exceeded our expectations. Each adventure was tailored to our desires, the picnic lunches were fabulous, and our leaders were super fun and professional!
Karen Keller- Hillsborough, CA

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