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Lots of fun. Wonderful experience. Completely exceeded our expectations. I loved learning about the Napa/Sonoma region, tasting great wines, seeing the change in the countryside and riding some challenging hills.
Ted Walsh- Buffalo, NY

A truly wonderful trip and was a life-changing experience. The people were all wonderful and made a lot of new friends and traveling partners!! You did not miss a thing as a company from the great hotels, to the wonderful trip leaders, to the route raps which were very helpful and the recommendations for restaurants and other things to do. All-around AMAZING time for me!!!
Sandy Carscadden- Canmore, AB

I could not think of one negative thing to say about my trip. I must admit I usually can always find something a little wrong, but I had such a great time, it doesn't sound like me when I describe it to my friends. I can't wait to go again!! The amount of activity was whatever you wanted it to be. I never expected to have soooo much fun. (I'm even home ten days, and still can't stop talking about it!)
Susan Anton- Syosset, NY

I was very happy. I am not a strong cyclist, and hoped that the support system would work out if I was unable to do some of the climbs, etc. It was amazing - totally flexible, and the leaders are both awesome!
Julia Sax- Toronto, Canada

Every aspect of the trip was well planned and very well executed. Among the 12 participants, there was a variety of riding abilities and riding plans. Our leaders were exceptional in their efforts to accommodate everyone's needs and plans in order to make everyone's experience personally satisfying and to make the group dynamics positive at all times. While I was a part of a group, I also had the sense at all times that my own needs and wishes were being attended to by the leaders. Individually and collectively, they were always at the "top of their game."
Warren Self- Christiansburg, VA

After six trips with Backroads I am amazed at how easy the leaders make it for me to push myself to levels that I never dreamed possible all while having fun with a fabulous group of fun fellow travelers. Thanks Backroads for the annual confidence boost!
Theresa Diserio- Powell, OH

I had never done anything like this before and it was absolutely the most amazing trip I've ever taken - everything about it was wonderful! I smiled during the entire trip and have been telling all of my friends about it in the most glowing terms I can think of.
Jo Curran- St. Louis, MO

It far exceeded our expectations and everything fell into place perfectly. The people, biking, scenery was endless, food, accommodations, just everything was great.
John Carini- Marietta, GA

Great trip! Great food, great destination, GREAT weather, great people. Thoroughly enjoyed our trip! The excellent level of service makes your trips well worth it. It allows us to just enjoy the vacation without any of the day-to-day hassles.
Margaret Neuworth- Delafield, WI

Simply an amazing trip... I keep running out of adjectives to describe it! This trip more than met our expectations. I could not even have imagined how wonderful a trip could be until I took this vacation!
John Whetzel- Holly Springs, NC

One of the best vacation experiences we have ever had! Everything was first-class, from the accommodations to the food (great picnic lunches!), Northern California was beautiful and a complete surprise. Loved having the freedom to set our own pace and stop and smell the roses, literally, the roses were unbelievably beautiful! Our trip leaders were the best. They made the trip easy and enjoyable for everyone. Always positive with a "can do" attitude. We are now trying to decide where we want to go next with Backroads! Maybe Tuscany!
Katie Reissig- Austin, TX

Although I was traveling with a group, I did most of my biking by myself. I really enjoyed this. I was able to go at my own pace and really let my mind wander and just take in the beautiful surrounding scenery. I had my directions, my cell phone and the van continually sweeping the route, so I knew I had an excellent support system backing me up. For those who hesitate to book a Backroads trip as you do not like to travel in a group, think of me riding solo through the California Wine Country and loving every minute of it!! This type of trip allows you to experience the region in your own way, yet with the support of a whole team behind you making sure you experience it as fully as you possibly can on your own terms.
Sue Dybowski- Sylvania, OH

Great people, outstanding leaders, amazing food, beautiful riding and an excellent blend of accommodations. This trip was perfect.
Mathew Corse- Atlanta, GA

This was a great trip! I had no idea what I was getting into when I booked this and it was everything I wanted it to be and more! Can't wait to plan another one! I am never going to forget the fun I had. I took a chance and went on a couples trip as a solo and had a blast! The places that you chose for us to visit were great!
Karen Abbe- New York, NY

Not enough superlatives to describe this one-of-a-kind vacation. Everything I could think of had already been planned for and was waiting on me. Such a wonderful luxury to leave the planning and arrangements to Backroads and show up ready for fun! Our trip leaders were an incredible team...informative, helpful, interested and good natured. They were easy to contact, always prepared and lots of fun! It was such a pleasure to rely on their expertise and relax into a true vacation!
Terry Abide Stark- Greensboro, NC

This trip was a challenging and fun experience. Everyone on the trip and all the trip leaders were wonderful. The trip leaders really made you feel comfortable and taken care of during the entire trip.
Deborah Way- New York, NY

The scenery was beautiful and the routes we took were perfect as they gave us a true feel for the differing and varied climates of the wine country. The entire experience was magical. I didnt want the week to end as we were having such a great time!
Paula Danz- Los Altos, CA

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