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This was just the perfect vacation. Biking through beautiful and peaceful countryside in the company of a fun and diverse group was relaxing and enjoyable. It was a great release physically and emotionally - a true getaway!
Jane Kramer- Cherry Hill, NJ

This was the best trip I have ever taken in my life. I wish I hadn't waited 47 years to do this. Absolutely will do a trip again. We are talking about getting a bigger group together of friends next year, and maybe some of the people that were on this trip and doing another trip. I feel so good!
Teresa Jacoby- Encino, CA

Wow! This trip was off the charts. The guides were fabulous, all of them... The itinerary was wonderful with a good mix of activities and great food.
Robert Bildner- Montclair, NJ

My husband and I recently returned from our Backroads trip through the Puglia region of Italy. Of the 14 bicycle trips we have taken, this one was the absolute best in terms of accommodations, food, riding and, most importantly, the leaders. We plan to go on many more Backroads adventures until we can't bike any longer. Then we'll walk and hike!
Hazel M. Blankenship- Santa Barbara, CA

Puglia turned out to be a wonderful surprise. It had an interesting terrain - challenging, but not daunting - was culturally unique and so different from other regions I've traveled to in Italy. The "back roads" were great and untrafficked, and I thought the cultural programs were stimulating and the food tasty. It was fun to be a visitor in a relatively undiscovered part of Italy.
Carolyn Asher- Englewood, CO

The best vacation I have ever taken. It was a great mix of exercise and fun. The trip was expertly run with no detail missed. The level of service was beyond my highest expectations. I'm looking forward to doing another Backroads trip.
Beth Flynn- Hoboken, NJ

Great hotels, great part of Italy, great food, but I have to say the leaders made the trip ten times more educational, fun and relaxing!
Robert Madison- Berkeley, CA

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