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Trip of a lifetime. The scenery was awe-inspiring to say the least.
Stuart Selonick - Crownsville, MD

Without a doubt, this trip was one of the finest of my life: breathtaking scenery, talented guides, fine food and people. Backroads challenges and pampers in a well-balanced, well-paced trip. The routes selected were sublime. I found myself laughing joyously as I rode because I was continually and progressively awestruck. THANK YOU!!
Annice Kra - Brighton, MA

Incredible! Every detail was considered. My husband and I typically enjoy planning our own trips of this nature and yet it was clear that Backroads pays attention to detail, needs of their customers to insure a quality experience for us and professionalism by your guides. Thank you . . . everything was attended to by your quality and preparation of your guides and your service.
Judy Walden - Phoenix, AZ

An absolutely fabulous trip from beginning to end. The biking was very challenging but achievable even by someone like me in less than top biking shape. Of all my previous Backroads trips, I left this one with the biggest feeling of personal accomplishment. Can't wait for my next Backroads trip. My only problem is choosing which one!
Michele Kershaw - New York, NY

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