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Absolutely the best vacation I have ever taken. Backroads sets the standard that others aspire too. The logistics and support were flawless.
Rex Holmlin - Williamsburg, VA

This was trip of a lifetime given the amount of China we saw (and conquered). For me this trip had special significance because I had been to China in 1983 and wanted to see how it had changed and because I celebrated my 50th birthday hiking on the Great Wall, staying at the Peninsula Palace in Beijing, and enjoying a fabulous dinner (with a great birthday cake to boot). Not a bad way to celebrate, if you ask me.
Barbara Grewe - Bethesda, MD

I had high expectations and they were met. The food, the participants, and the guides were wonderful. The places we visited are all worth the trip. One of my favorite world trips ever.
Robert Pepper - Ormond Beach, FL

This was the best vacation I have ever had! What an incredible balance of culture and exercise. I learned so much of the history of China, and the local guides made it so personal by sharing their own experiences, thoughts and backgrounds. And to be able to have lunch at a local's home, to see the inside of a country home and understand a bit of what it's like to live there, were experiences that I know I could only have gotten through Backroads. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing China through all the "back roads," without the hoards of other tourists. The paths that we took were varied and scenic, whether through the streets of Beijing or along the rice paddies. Photo-ops were a constant. Laughter was a constant. I think the types of people you attract are just my type of people; we all got along so well… I could go on forever, and I have been telling everyone I know about how fantastic this trip was. I can't wait for the next one!
Barbara Raleigh - New York, NY

This was an outstanding trip in every respect. We learned so much about China in eleven days. The days were varied; some challenging with lots of biking, some more focused on culture. The extra events, such as visiting a calligrapher in Xian, visiting a kindergarten class, having lunch in the hutangs of Beijing and attending an acrobatic show, were all wonderful extras.
Sally McMillen - Davidson, NC

Overall the trip was fabulous - very well organized and executed. Hotels were good, the food was great, and the extra activities lots of fun (especially loved the foot massage and tai chi sessions.) Loved having the local guides. Backroads has really figured out how to do a bike trip in China with the support of local resources.
Carol Simpson - Boston, MA

This was absolutely an awesome, eye opening, culture-laden trip to remember. What a phenomenal value. I honestly don't see how Backroads makes a decent profit, to be honest! The hotels were better than my expectations and the food was way beyond expectations.
Carol Simpson - Boston, MA

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