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Turkey Bike Tour
Turkey Bike Tour

We've all said it. "I need a vacation after my vacation." Great getaways do more than just remove you from the day-to-day, they recharge and rejuvenate you. That's our adventure in Turkey. Spend days exploring the warm, friendly Turkish coastline, and split your nights between spectacular hotels, like Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion, and a Turkish gulet, serenely floating on the Mediterranean. Pedal past pine forests and olive groves, then pass evenings stargazing and enjoying small plates of almonds, honey and fresh cheeses. It's a vacation on your vacation.

Straight Talk
We want to make sure you're on the right trip and that you have the best experience possible. Every Backroads trip is unique and this one is no exception.

Accommodations & Luggage

We sail aboard traditional Turkish gulets for three nights. Keep in mind that amenities are few and space for luggage is extremely limited. If you must bring more than one medium-sized bag, please bring two small bags (rather than one single large bag), so that you can leave one in the onboard storage room during the three days we spend on the gulets.

Day 1 Pine-dappled hills, olive and almond groves, lively seaside resorts and friendly villages Greetings of merhaba! (hello!) fill the air as you pedal the countryside outside Bodrum  Splash in the Aegean Sea, then relax over a spread of Turkish specialties.

Days 2-3 The ruins of Knidos, once a jewel of Greek civilization Ferry across the Aegean to the Datça Peninsula, traced by small coves and bays  Magnificent views of mountain and sea are the background for today's climb  Cool off with a swim in the Mediterranean We're welcomed like family at a restaurant overlooking the harbor, where fishermen gather to play cards and drink tea.

Day 4 Experience the crossroads of East and West  In Turgutköy village, learn the intricacies of carpet weaving  Get your sea legs as we cruise to secluded Ekincik Bay for our first evening under the stars.

Days 5-7 Sail the Mediterranean for three days in traditional wooden <i>gulets</i>, dropping anchor to swim, snorkel and slumber Remote coves provide shelter for water activities, and coastal hills invite exploration on foot and by bike Pedal past three gorgeous bodies of water—the ocean, a lake and a river  Investigate the well-preserved Roman theater and remains of Lycian and Carian tombs in Kaunos Plunge into stunning Cleopatra's Bay, where partially submerged ruins of an ancient Greek monastery are visible in the crystal-clear water  A nomadic family shares an insider's view of life in Turkey's remote high valleys.

Trip Highlights
  • Experience the crossroads of East and West
  • Rides through pine-dappled hills, olive groves, craggy outcrops, sunny beaches and friendly villages
  • The ancient ruins of Knidos and Kaunos 
  • Break bread with a Turkish family at their traditional home
  • Sail the Mediterranean in traditional wooden gulets, dropping anchor to swim, snorkel and slumber
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Premiere Inns

The Marmara Bodrum (1 night): The Hideaway Report calls it a "sophisticated contemporary hotel commanding a spectacular vantage point high above Bodrum." (pool, spa, tennis)

Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion (2 nights): This 19th-century country home has been restored and converted into a beautiful hotel with a Turkish bath and atmospheric gardens. (pool)

Turkish Yachts (3 nights): Traditional double-masted wooden gulets, featuring private rooms and fresh regional cuisine prepared by the crew, carry us along the coast by day and into peaceful coves by night.

Routes For All Abilities

Every Backroads trip is designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests and fitness levels. We know your pace may vary from one day to the next-and your traveling companion's may differ somewhat from yours. So we present a range of mileage options, and each day you decide exactly what and how much you want to do.

Daily Route Options
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain
1 13* 1300 21 1900
2 15 1200 32 1600
3 16* 1800 25* 2600 45 5400
Turkish Cooking Class (1 Hour)
4 25* 1300 40* 1900
Cruising on the Mediterranean
5 15* 1200 20 2100
Kaunos Ruins Walk (1.5 Hours)
Cruising on the Mediterranean
6 Cleopatra`s Bay Hike (3 Miles, 700` Elevation Gain)
Optional Afternoon Activities on Göcek Bay
Cruising on the Mediterranean
7 Conclusion of the Trip

To make for the most comfortable ride to this particular trip, we've outfitted our titanium road bike with slightly wider tires.

* Includes a shuttle

2015 Dates & Pricing*

  • 10/6-12 Price: $5448 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1100 for sgl. occ.)

*Prices may change. Once you book your trip, your price is guaranteed.

2016 Dates & Pricing*

  • 5/14-20 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 5/25-31 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 6/3-9 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 9/7-13 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 9/16-22 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 9/25-10/1 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 10/4-10 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)
  • 10/13-19 Price: $4998 pp dbl. occ., (+ $1200 for sgl. occ.)

*Prices may change. Once you book your trip, your price is guaranteed.

Private Trips Options & Pricing

Gather your favorite people to share a Backroads adventure on a ready-to-book Private Trip - featuring all the legendary Backroads hallmarks from expert leaders to unforgettable activities.

You can pick from a large selection of dates for your group of 8 or more. Call us for date availability.

If your party has fewer than 8 guests, or if your preferred date is not available, we'll create a departure just for you.

Pricing for Private Trips (prices may vary based on departure date)


8 - 9 guests from $5,798 pp dbl. occ. 12 or more guests from $4,998 pp dbl. occ.
10 - 11 guests from $5,298 pp dbl. occ.


8 - 9 guests from $5,798 pp dbl. occ. 12 or more guests from $4,998 pp dbl. occ.
10 - 11 guests from $5,298 pp dbl. occ.

All Private Singles-Solos trips require a minimum of 16 guests.

For groups of 2 to 7 guests, please call for Custom Trip pricing.

Guest Trip Reviews

It's going to be tough to raise the bar any higher than this trip! Was it the country, the itinerary, the most outstanding of any leaders we have ever experienced, the really fun and compatible group - or maybe it was the raki :) One unforgettable journey. Thanks!
Bette Levine- Denver, CO

This was a spectacular trip and exceeded all of my expectations. It was the perfect mix of kick-ass biking (the hills were just as tough as the trip itinerary promised), good food, and relaxation along the Aegean & Mediterranean Seas. The opportunity at the end of each day, and the last few days on the gulets really set the tone for relaxation in the beautiful countryside. It gave the group time to spend together reliving the experiences of the day and sharing the experience.
Jane Weeks- Providence, RI

This was one of the best trips I have been on and we have traveled with a number of different companies. The sum of this trip is absolutely a 10. We enjoyed everything about it - Turkey is really astonishing. I did not have any expectation really but I arrived home raving about the country, the people, the food, everything. Our trip leaders were a wealth of information and they were both very upbeat, if not exuberant, about every place and everything we did. I felt like a sponge just soaking up new information and meeting new people - it was fantastic! The leaders were exceptional and made everything seem easy. Being in Turkey was an incredible experience for me.
Ann Kowalsky- Chicago, IL

We had a phenomenal trip! Biking and boating through the countryside and coast of Turkey was just a spectacular way to experience the country's beauty and richness...the people were so warm, the leaders were terrific and the food to die for!
Andrea Calise- New York, NY

One of our best Backroads trip ever! A great combination of biking, walking a cultural activities. You are to be congratulated on the route selections and stops.
Michael Starrels- Doylestown, PA

The guides were absolutely SUPERB. The unanticipated 100 degree weather made extra biking a bit hard, but Backroads came through, as always, in a superb fashion. Great trip, with great memories, and great expectations for our next Backroads experience!
Wendy Gibney- Berkeley, CA