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Bali Bike Tour
Bali Bike Tour

In Bali, it has been said that every Balinese is an artist, whether in painting, dance, woodcarving or textiles. The question is who wouldn't find inspiration amid all this compelling culture and diverse landscape? Lush terraced rice fields, exotic temples neighboring lively villages, busy markets on the slopes of volcanic mountains, rivers tumbling down jungled gorges. And some of the most welcoming people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. Come find your bliss on a bike with Backroads in Bali.

Straight Talk
We want to make sure you're on the right trip and that you have the best experience possible. Every Backroads trip is unique and this one is no exception.


This Premiere Inn Trip includes one Casual Inn night at Puri Bagus Lovina. The guest rooms are comfortable, but simpler than those of our other Balinese hotels. We've chosen this property because of its prime location on our biking route and its local charm.

Biking in an Emerging World

Bali is a beautiful destination with an enriching and unique culture, but it's also part of a rapidly developing country and travel here can be challenging.

Navigating Bali's crowded narrow city streets and rural roads on a bicycle is both a physical and cultural adventure that requires quick thinking, patience and humor (watch out for that scooter!). Though the route distances may be relatively short, the terrain, road conditions, heat and humidity, and the need to be alert can make activity more physically demanding.

While our trip emphasizes the idyllic Balinese serenity, it's impossible to completely avoid the bustling intersections and modern pace found here. But the beauty of the people, the culture and the landscape shines through, making for an amazingly exotic and fulfilling experience.

Days 1-2 Unforgettable rides past rice paddies, peaceful villages and sacred pools  Delve behind the scenes with our longtime friend and local guide, Wayan Narta After spinning through rolling hills near Ubud, visit a local mask maker to learn about this age-old art form  Raft the Ayung River, keeping an eye out for bright kingfishers and giant teak trees.

Day 3 Discover an exotic culture steeped in Hindu spirituality and colorful mythology  Bike to the sacred Pura Pucak Sari temple and meet the resident priest  Ever cycled on a volcano? Pedal up and around Gunung Batur on your way to the quieter and simpler northern side of Bali.

Days 4-5 Relax at tropical beachside retreats  Spin along Bali's arid northeast coast, passing lava flows from Mount Agung's 1963 eruption Treat yourself to a massage, or don masks and fins for a snorkel amid the wreckage of the torpedoed U.S.S. Liberty, a haven for some 400 species of colorful reef fish Later, our brightly painted junkung boats take us back to shore, where you can shuttle or pedal back to the hotel for an afternoon of leisure.

Days 6-8 Meet locals in their art studios  Visit Tenganan, known for its beautiful double-ikat textiles Prepare classic mie goreng in a private cooking class Impressive volcanic mountains give way to a sandy beach on an exhilarating descent past scenic rice terraces Bike to a nearby community, passing small family compounds and the local school—a wonderful opportunity to make friends with Balinese children as they do morning exercises.

Trip Highlights
  • Explore an exotic culture steeped in Hindu spirituality and colorful mythology
  • Unforgettable rides past emerald rice terraces, peaceful villages and sacred pools
  • Meet locals in their art studios and vibrant temples
  • Snorkel among parrot fish and giant clams in Blue Lagoon
  • Relax at tropical beachside retreats
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Premiere Inns

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa (2 nights): An award-winning resort perched in beautiful hillside gardens above two river valleys. (pool, spa, tennis) 

Puri Bagus Lovina (1 night): Overlooking the Bali Sea, relax in simple yet comfortable villas with traditional architecture and private gardens. (pool, spa)

Spa Village Tembok (2 nights): Exuding peacefulness, this secluded retreat features views stretching from volcanic peaks to the black-sand beaches of the Bali Sea. A Small Luxury Hotels of the World member. (pool, spa)

Alila Manggis (2 nights): Reminiscent of traditional Balinese villages, a stylish seaside hideaway with palm-studded grounds. (pool, spa)

Routes For All Abilities

Every Backroads trip is designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests and fitness levels. We know your pace may vary from one day to the next-and your traveling companion's may differ somewhat from yours. So we present a range of mileage options, and each day you decide exactly what and how much you want to do.

Daily Route Options
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain
1 13 500
2 16 800
Rafting on the Ayung River (4 Hours)
3 18 100 38 500
20 400
4 22* 0
30 0
5 12 0
Snorkeling Excursion to the U.S.S. Liberty Wreckage (1 Hour)
6 24* 0 33* 200 42 1000
7 8 1000
Klungkung Market Visit (2 Hours)
Cooking Class (3 Hours)
8 14 300 22 400

To make for the most comfortable ride to this particular trip, we've outfitted our titanium road bike with slightly wider tires. You'll appreciate this on those stretches of the route with hard-packed dirt (approximately 5% dirt and 95% paved).

* Includes a shuttle

2015 Dates & Pricing*

  • 10/11-18 Price: $4498 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 12/20-27 Price: $4798 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 12/28-1/4 Price: $4398 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)

*Prices may change. Once you book your trip, your price is guaranteed.

2016 Dates & Pricing*

  • 1/24-31 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 2/21-28 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 4/17-24 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 5/1-8 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 6/19-26 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 7/3-10 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 10/9-16 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 12/21-28 Price: $4398 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 12/28-1/4 Price: $4398 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 3/29-4/5 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $780 for sgl. occ.)
  • 10/23-30 Price: $4198 pp dbl. occ., (+ $880 for sgl. occ.)
  • 12/19-26 Price: $4398 pp dbl. occ., (+ $780 for sgl. occ.)

*Prices may change. Once you book your trip, your price is guaranteed.

Private Trips Options & Pricing

Gather your favorite people to share a Backroads adventure on a ready-to-book Private Trip - featuring all the legendary Backroads hallmarks from expert leaders to unforgettable activities.

You can pick any open date for your group of 8 or more except for trips departing during the last two weeks of December, where a 16 guest minimum is required. Call us for date availability.

Pricing for Private Trips (prices may vary based on departure date)


8 - 9 guests from $4,998 pp dbl. occ. 12 or more guests from $4,198 pp dbl. occ.
10 - 11 guests from $4,498 pp dbl. occ.


8 - 9 guests from $4,998 pp dbl. occ. 12 or more guests from $4,198 pp dbl. occ.
10 - 11 guests from $4,498 pp dbl. occ.

For groups of 2 to 7 guests, please call for Custom Trip pricing.

Guest Trip Reviews

Whether it was white-water rafting, coffee tasting, hiking to a waterfall, a cooking class, snorkeling...each day offered a special activity or experience in addition to biking, which really made the trip for me. The hotels were top-notch and I felt so well taken care of throughout the entire trip.
Beth Sherman- San Francisco, CA

I had a fantastic time on this trip. I loved cycling through the different towns, observing different slices of Balinese life. I liked the diversity of activities. The trip left me wanting to buy a bicycle and go on more Backroads cycling trips.
Mimi Landau- Chicago, IL

Overall, this is probably the most memorable Backroads trip I've taken. Someone has already asked me if I would do it again and without hesitation I can say yes. The blend of activities was perfect, the biking great, the culture immersion was fascinating and the knowledge and experience of our leader and guides made it an extraordinary trip.
Nancy Bryant- Houston, TX

It was my first Backroads trip and my first active travel group tour, and it was everything I hoped it would be. The biking was great, the cultural understanding was wonderful, and I loved my group and leaders. Every day I felt like I was seeing parts of Bali that I never would have seen had I done the typical tourist thing - riding through remote rice paddies, touring a family's compound, or playing with a gamelan orchestra. I can't wait to do my next Backroads trip - the hardest part will be deciding where to go.
Adam Ruben- Washington, DC

This was my first Backroads trip and I was blown away. The level of service is incredible. The idea that I can take an active trip but still be pampered is so cool and I feel, as a person of only 23 years, Backroads will definitely be the first place I look when deciding on future trips. After this experience I almost feel it is the ONLY way to travel.
Kristin Cardo- Quogue, NY

I appreciated that the biking was for all levels and the van support was fantastic for a novice biker like me! I felt I got a great workout but didn't hold up the more experienced bikers. In addition to the active part of the trip, I appreciated the cultural aspects. The meals and hotels are fantastic... I highly recommend this trip!!!
Mandira Ray- Brookline, MA

This was one of the best vacations I have ever taken. Bali is a beautiful island with so much to offer, from its beautiful geography to its culture and spirituality. The trip routes were well thought-out and I was constantly amazed at the wonderful scenery we passed through. In addition, I learned so much about the country itself and its culture through our guides, I felt like I was participating in a Discovery Channel program! A very well-rounded experience, from the great activities (hiking, biking, white-water rafting, snorkeling) to the great places we stayed, to the amazing sights we saw (volcanoes, waterfalls, forests, rice fields, coast!...), to the great food we ate, to the beautiful setting and weather, to the graciousness of the Balinese people, to the excellence of our guides and to the overall cultural experience. Writing about it makes me want to take the trip all over again!
Jennifer Wu- Bellbrook, OH

Backroads got it just right! Since we had planned the trip almost a year ago, I was worried that it might not live up to my long developed expectations, but it was truly special.
Jane Weeks- Auburndale, MA

The best trip I've ever had! The leaders were superb and I greatly appreciated the amount of flexibility built into the trip as well as the enormous variety of activities. The trip greatly surpassed my expectations.
Joanne W.- New York, NY

This was a great trip - very well organized with lots of options each day. This was my third Backroads trip and won't be the last! The quality of the trips, people, accommodations, meals, and activities as well as the value are superb.
Jeff Casbeer- Houston, TX

It was even better than I expected, and I had high expectations! The cycling was great, and I really appreciated having the opportunity to snorkel, raft and cook too.
Sara Herstin- New York, NY