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China Bike Tour

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Trip Highlights
  • Experience traditional life in rural villages and modern life in new cities
  • The Terracotta Warriors, Tiananmen Square and more
  • Marvelous biking by expansive rice paddies and the dramatic karst pinnacles of Yangshou
  • The Great Wall, far from throngs of tourists
  • Ride Chinese cruiser bikes to the Forbidden City

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Ancient Treasures & Modern Icons in Beijing, Xian & the South

Maybe it's the bike. It's disarming. Friendly. It shows you China in a way you can't see by any other means. Ride by a group of school kids or a farmer in his rice paddy, and it instantly changes China. It's no longer about walls you can see from space or newspaper images of students in front of tanks. It's closer than that. It's real. The foods are richer. The language is spoken with your eyes. Yes, this journey somehow shows you everything from Canton to Beijing and the rural places in between. But what this journey really does is show you the real China face-to-face.

Straight Talk We want to make sure you're on the right trip and that you have the best experience possible. Every Backroads trip is unique and this one is no exception. Read the Straight Talk

Straight Talk
We want to make sure you're on the right trip and that you have the best experience possible. Every Backroads trip is unique and this one is no exception.


The majority of the hotels on this trip are top tier. In China, however, "luxury hotel" is most often synonymous with "big hotel." Also, some of our lodgings don't always offer Western-style service and amenities, and beds may be quite firm by Western standards. Whether humble and quirky or immense and ostentatious, they possess a charm worth experiencing, and are always clean and comfortable.

Biking in an Emerging World

Your journey through China will be unlike any other travel experience. As wonderfully fulfilling as travel is in the region, it's not always easy. Our trip emphasizes the idyllic Chinese serenity, but it's impossible to completely avoid the bustling intersections and modern pace found here.

Navigating China's crowded narrow city streets and rural roads on a bicycle is both a physical and cultural adventure that requires quick thinking, patience and humor (watch out for that scooter!). Though the route distances may be relatively short, the terrain, road conditions, heat and humidity, and the need to be alert can make activity more physically demanding.

If you can be flexible and approach the region with an open mind, you'll enjoy your trip to the fullest!

Days 1-3 Experience traditional life in rural villages and modern life in new cities By river and bicycle, travel past remote hamlets and expansive fields of rice and sugarcane to the bustling cities of ancient Zhaoqing and Wuzhou For a taste of the everyday, visit with locals in roadside cafés  Enthusiastic youngsters rush out to greet you; they don't often see Westerners, especially on bikes!

Days 4-5 Marvelous biking by winding rivers, lush paddies and the dramatic karst pinnacles of Yangshuo Immerse yourself in stunning scenery on a private Li River boat cruise You'll find embroidered silk, stone carvings, hilltribe crafts and more - plus terrific people-watching - at the night markets  Opportunities to enrich your journey and connect with the locals abound, even though you may not share a single common word.

Days 6-7 The Terracotta Warriors: more than 6,000 life-sized funerary statues stand at attention at the awe-inspiring tribute to Emperor Qin Shi Huang, a World Heritage site Pedal the 500-year-old city walls of Xian, China's imperial capital for 12 dynasties.

Days 8-9 The Great Wall is even more incredible with breathing room  We have a remote section virtually to ourselves, so we can actually walk on the wall - the world's most scenic StairMaster - rather than simply dodging throngs of tourists, which makes for quite a workout!  Ride through Beijing on Chinese-style bikes, exploring Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City Indulge in delectable Peking duck and other Chinese specialties.

Premiere Inns*

OYC Hotel
OYC Hotel

Zhaoqing (1 night) A modern resort with every conceivable amenity and scenic lake views. (pool, spa, tennis)

Argos Resort Hotel
Argos Resort Hotel
* Casual Inn

Deqing (1 night) Though more of a business class hotel, this resort is the newest and most comfortable lodging in quiet Deqing. (pool, spa)

Wuzhou Riverside International Hotel
Wuzhou Riverside International Hotel
* Casual Inn

Wuzhou (1 night) A simple hotel centrally located in lively Wuzhou, close to restaurants, shops and other attractions. (pool, tennis)

Green Lotus Hotel
Green Lotus Hotel

Yangshuo (2 nights) Set on the banks of the Li River, this new hotel offers a level of luxury not seen before in Yangshuo. (pool, spa)

Hilton Xian
Hilton Xian

Xian (1 night) A sleek modern hotel situated within the ancient walls of historic Xian. (pool, spa)

The Peninsula Beijing
The Peninsula Beijing

Beijing (2 nights) The choice of foreign dignitaries, this luxurious five-star hotel has scores of amenities and a prime location in central Beijing. Travel + Leisure World's Best. (pool, spa)

Guest Reviews About This Trip

In my opinion, Backroads is the only way to really see and experience China. We loved the routes through rural areas that were not used to seeing North Americans! And in contrast, riding through Beijing with 7 million fellow cyclists was quite a rush! I feel that I really experienced all that China has to offer! Although the days were very full of activity, it was necessary in order to pack it all in. An outstanding itinerary!!!! Thank you Backroads, once again!
Michelle Lavine - Toronto, ON
We had a wonderful time in China and thoroughly enjoyed the Backroads experience. The mix of active biking and hiking combined with cultural activities, such as a visit to Terracotta Warriors, Forbidden City, tai chi lesson, Chinese massage, acrobatics show, etc. enabled us to have a rich and memorable experience.
Eva Madras - Toronto, ON
A truly memorable experience, Backroads enabled a valuable and unique perspective on China and its people. What a challenging environment in which to operate. It is only after traveling on an unguided basis in China that one can truly appreciate the skills of Backroads' guides. They enable their guests to have a smooth and hassle-free experience, while still getting the flavor of this intense, culturally rich nation.
Mark Madras - Toronto, ON

Trip Dates & Prices

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October 2014
March 2015
April 2015
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September 2015
October 2015

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This Trip Is Rated Level 2-4

Routes For All Abilities
Every Backroads trip is designed to appeal to a wide variety of interests and fitness levels. We know your pace may vary from one day to the next-and your traveling companion's may differ somewhat from yours. So we present a range of mileage options, and each day you decide exactly what and how much you want to do.

Daily Route Options
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain miles feet gain
1 24 100
2 37* 200
52 1800
3 32* 500 42* 900 59 1500
4 17 100
5 26* 400 30* 1200 39 1200
Sunset Cruise (1.5 Hours)
6 6 0
7 VIsit to Terracotta Warriors Complex (3 Hours)
8 Great Wall Walk (3 Miles)
9 5 0
Forbidden City and Tianamen Square Tours

On this trip, we'll be using titanium mountain bikes that are just right for the non-technical dirt road riding as well as the paved riding. (approximately 30% dirt and 70% paved).

* Includes a shuttle

Private Trips Options & Pricing

Gather your favorite people to share a Backroads adventure on a ready-to-book Private Trip - featuring all the legendary Backroads hallmarks from expert leaders to unforgettable activities.

You can pick from a large selection of dates for your group of 8 or more. Call us for date availability.

If your party has fewer than 8 guests, or if your preferred date is not available, we'll create a departure just for you.

Pricing for Private Trips (prices may vary based on departure date)


8 - 9 guests from $6,098 pp dbl. occ. 12 or more guests from $5,198 pp dbl. occ.
10 - 11 guests from $5,798 pp dbl. occ.


8 - 9 guests from $6,298 pp dbl. occ. 12 or more guests from $5,498 pp dbl. occ.
10 - 11 guests from $5,798 pp dbl. occ.
Internal flights from $410.

For groups of 2 to 7 guests, please call for Custom Trip pricing.

For 35 years, Backroads has been perfecting the art of active travel. We are the China tour experts. See our award-winning Asia & the Pacific biking tours, Asia & the Pacific walking and hiking tours and Asia & the Pacific multisport tours.


Premiere Inns*

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Hong Kong, China/Beijing, China

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