Three Leaders make the trip

Three Incredible Leaders

Trip Leaders

Our Leaders Make the Trip

Great leaders are the key to an unforgettable active travel experience—and we go one better than other companies by assigning three leaders* to our Backroads trips. Guests tell us constantly that our Trip Leaders are the best they've ever traveled with, rating their performance consistently at 9.7 out of 10 on post- trip surveys. We make sure those scores stay up there by running the most rigorous recruiting, training and guest satisfaction programs in the business. We work year-round to find and train these talented people—we hired only 6% of leader applicants in 2014.

Smart, engaging, knowledgeable, caring and endlessly enthusiastic, our Trip Leaders are renowned for their ability to transform a great vacation into the kind of inspiring and even life-changing experience you could never orchestrate on your own. With our average guest-to-leader ratio of better than 6:1, you can count on enjoying a superb level of attentive personal service.

Trip Leader Insider Knowlege

Insider Knowledge

Thanks to our worldwide network of local experts, our leaders can take you even deeper into a region, sharing insights into its culture and cuisine, its wildlife and ecology, its human and natural history—plus countless small, unexpected moments in which the layers are peeled back and you are able to really see and experience what a place is all about.

*Over 95% of Backroads guests on scheduled departures travel with two or more support vehicles and three Backroads leaders or support staff. Fewer than 5% are on scheduled trips where the small number of guests requires just one van and two leaders to maintain our high service standards, or on select Walking & Hiking Trips where our routes are a combination of loop hikes and out-&-back trails that allow two leaders and fewer vans to provide excellent trail support.