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Backroads Seasonal Trip Leaders

Backroads is currently receiving Trip Leader applications for the 2015 season, however we have nearly completed hiring for this year.

Canadian applicants: we will continue receiving and reviewing applications until April 15th. At that point our Leader Hiring Events in Canada will be full and we will stop reviewing applications for 2015. Applications we don't review will be put on hold for the 2016 season.

European applicants: we are still receiving applications, however we will not be reviewing them until June 1st. At that time we will review applications only if we determine that we need to hire more European Trip Leaders. Applications we don't review will be put on hold for the 2016 season.

American applicants: we are no longer reviewing American applications. We have filled all of our US Trip Leader positions. However, American applications from candidates who speak conversant or better French, Italian or German may be reviewed after June 1st if we determine that we still need to hire more Leaders to work in Europe. Applications we don't review will be put on hold for the 2016 season.

Applicants from other countries: we're no longer reviewing applications from applicants outside of Europe, Canada and the US. Applications we don't review will be put on hold for the 2016 season.

Dear Leader Applicant,

Thirty-six years ago, I was inspired to start Backroads by the belief that traveling actively, under one's own power, was the most rewarding way to experience the world. Researching and leading those first trips was an education and a challenge. But most of all, it was fun. And it's still fun. After more than three decades of being intimately involved in making Backroads the best it can possibly be, I'm more excited than ever about where we're headed. It's an honor to lead a company composed of such talented, motivated and fun-loving individuals who are so passionate about and dedicated to creating extraordinary guest experiences.

Backroads exists to treat our guests to a style of travel that is unparalleled in the travel industry. The foundation of our extraordinary guest experience is legendary service—and we go so far as to guarantee the quality of our trips. This is where you come in. Fulfilling this commitment is not an easy job, and it's not for everyone. It may be for you, however, if you can share our passion for this unique mode of travel and the quality of experience for each Backroads guest. Both the challenges, and the rewards, are abundant.

Do you have "the right stuff" to be a Backroads leader? Although leaders enrich each trip with unique personality, they share certain critical qualities as well. Our goal is to accommodate guests' individual needs and desires for their vacations in a personal and flexible manner. Every person at Backroads, myself included, works toward this goal. As the company grows, we're looking for more natural leaders who can do a world-class job with style and professionalism. Please review the information provided in the links on the sidebar to the left. Consider not just whether you are right for the job, but if this job (really, a lifestyle) is right for you.

We offer trips in 44 countries and are always looking for the best candidates from each country who can fully embrace the Backroads style of doing business. This style is predicated on our passionate belief that guest focus and employee experience are inextricably intertwined. Help us build on what we humbly believe is the best travel company in the world, and getting better.


Tom Hale

Tom Hale
Founder & President

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Backroads Seasonal Trip Leaders

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"The reason I continue to come back to Backroads are your leaders. They are engaging, bright and competent. While ensuring a memorable adventure for the group, their attention to detail and anticipation of individual needs are what elevate them beyond what is expected. They are your greatest asset."

Carmel Mitchell
South Boston, MA