The Backroads Philosophy

A Total Unforgettable Experience

Backroads Active Travel, Mallorca Biking Trip

Activate the Way You Travel

Active travel is the difference between looking at life and living it. Stand spellbound on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon after a spectacular 40-mile bike ride. Breathe in the scent of rosemary as you hike to a hilltop town in Chianti. Listen to the chatter of monkeys overhead as you raft down the Río Savegre in Costa Rica.

Rather than experiencing the world as if it were simply a museum with everything cased behind glass, Backroads invites you to experience the world with all of your senses. Get ready for a total unforgettable experience.

Backroads Trip Design, Zion and Snow Canyon Multisport

Thoughtfully Designed

With an average tenure of 15 years, our trip designers have the ideal balance of passion, intuition and high-level expertise to create truly remarkable experiences that provide an overall sense of journey while leaving you free to add your own unique imprint. During the hundreds of behind-the-scenes hours that go into crafting each itinerary, we find the right blend of activities to showcase the best of a region, creating a rich tapestry that you can explore as fully as you wish.

Having all been Trip Leaders, they've seen firsthand what guests find most meaningful. Tom Hale works closely with each trip designer, scrutinizing the details to ensure each Backroads experience meets our gold standard for trip design.

Backroads Trip Quality Control

Serious About Quality

A travel experience is not like purchasing a new bike—you can't give it a test ride. You have to be able to trust what the people providing that experience tell you. Unfortunately, we've seen too many examples of companies quietly subcontracting all aspects of their trips to others and seriously limiting the amount of control they have over trip quality.

We don't pay others to do the job we've promised we'll do for you. Read more about our commitment to quality.