COVID-19 Testing Kits

Until June 12, 2022, the United States had been requiring all travelers returning to the country to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within one day of their return flight. Per CDC guidelines, this requirement was met with self-administered tests that include a telehealth component (video call with a doctor). Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card At-Home Rapid Test Kit, which must be ordered online, met all requirements for inbound US travelers. 

Should you be traveling to a region that still has a similar requirement, or prefer to use a telehealth-approved self-test prior to your Backroads trip, the test can be purchased through eMed (currently selling a six-pack) or Optum. Read on for detailed instructions of how to procure and use a self-administered test.



Order Your Test Kit

  • We recommend that guests who want to use a self-administered test to satisfy any travel requirements purchase a test pack two weeks before their departure (shipping typically takes two days). You can order your kits as early as you like, but be aware that entry requirements are constantly changing.
  • Order a test pack. The test can be purchased through eMed (currently selling a six-pack for $150 plus $15 shipping) or Optum (one-packs are currently available for $34.99 plus $5.99 shipping). 
  • When ordering, you will have to fill out a short form describing your reason for purchasing the test.
  • The website will approve your prescription. We have confirmed that individuals only need prescriptions to purchase tests, but results are valid with or without a prescription.
  • Test packs typically ship in two days. If needed, tests can be carried to your destination in your carry-on or checked luggage.

Download the App
Should you be required to take the test during your trip, you will need to download the NAVICA app from the Apple app store or Google Play store. The NAVICA app will save and timestamp your test results for easy reference. Since downloading the app and creating an account can be the most time-consuming step of this process, we strongly recommend that you download the app and create an account before departing. Everyone in your party who plans to use one of the tests will need their own account in the NAVICA app.


Take the Test

  • Before your trip ends, ensure you have the NAVICA app downloaded on your mobile device. If you have not downloaded the NAVICA app and created an account, your trip leaders can assist you.  
  • Take the test the day before you're required to show results, at any time of day. To take the test, you do not need an appointment. Instead, with the NAVICA app downloaded, your account created and the test kit in hand, you simply go to the eMed website and click “start test.” Tests are available 24/7.
  • The testing process takes about 25 minutes. A doctor will connect with you via video chat and confirm your identity and the validity of your test results. Travelers can use hotel wifi or their international data plans.
  • Two devices are required to complete the test: one with the NAVICA app and one with a webcam and browser to connect to the telehealth provider. Phones, tablets, laptops, etc. will all work. If this is an issue for you, your Trip Leaders will be happy to help.
  • The tests from the pack can be administered to anyone, including people who did not purchase the test, as long as they have their own personal NAVICA app account for test verification purposes.  


Show Your Results
Once you have your certified negative results saved on the NAVICA app, simply present those results from your device to the party requesting them. Additionally, we recommend printing your results and keeping a hard copy on hand. Most hotels will be happy to print your results for you straight from your phone.