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    2018 Guest Photo Contest Winners

This year's photo contest proved that our guests are amazing photographers. The winning photos were selected from thousands of images revealing the natural splendor, cultural sights and spontaneous moments on Backroads trips.

Iceland Multi Adventure Tour guest photo

First Place

First place is awarded to Neil Shapiro from Iceland Multi Adventure Tour.

"This photo was taken while biking in Thingvellir National Park, on one of the most beautiful sections of road that I've ever ridden. I couldn't help but stop numerous times to photograph the scenery along the way, so I was one of the last riders in the group. In the final segment, the Backroads van was parked at the top of a hill with some of our group and my brother-in-law, who wanted his photo taken with the Viking helmet. With the road leading your eye to the mountains and lake Thingvallavatn, it was the perfect scene, and my very buff brother-in-law in the helmet was the perfect model to add an Icelandic touch to this awesome view." - Neil Shapiro

Croatia Family Multi-Adventure Tour guest photo

Second Place

Second place goes to Dallas Hetherington from Croatia Family Multi-Adventure Tour.

"This was day one of our trip so we were excited to get started. We departed Split earlier that morning in a van that dropped us off south of Split in the mountains near a small church. Because this was the first day I committed to ride with my wife Lesley who isn’t a rider. When this shot came along, we had been riding together an hour and a half or so. We came upon a bend in the road to the left. Looking straight on we could see a picturesque view with this church, a church that appeared to sit by itself and which had two beautiful tall green trees planted next to it. The church, together with these unique looking trees appeared to us like an oasis in an ocean of trees and shrubs. It was different because I suppose you see churches inside vilages and next to other structures. Not this one. And there was a lovely backdrop of blue/green mountains. I loved the view. But I didn’t stop to take the shot! Instead we rode onward and the two of us chatted about how pretty that view was. We rode for a couple of minutes while the discussion turned to how sorry I was to miss that shot, until the discussion changed again to the fact that we're on vacation and in no rush so Lesley encouraged me to take the time to go back and take the shot so we don’t have the regret of missing it?! I was glad all vacation long that we went back. When I got home to NJ and saw it on a larger screen it was so satisfying to see it. We were very happy we stopped to smell the roses! Thank you Croatia! Thank you Backroads!!! Camera details: Nikon D750 body, with a 70 - 200mm Nikkor lens. . Settings: 200mm, 1/500th at f6.7 , ISO 100. Vibration reduction on, free handed with bike between legs!" - Dallas Hetherington

Belize & Guatemala Multi-Adventure Tour guest photo

Third Place

Third place goes to Stephen Dupuis from Belize & Guatemala Multi-Adventure Tour.

"This photo was taken of my wife and I sitting on the dock at our hotel “La Lancha”. We were enjoying the sunset as we relived our day walking around Flores, Guatemala and then cycling around Lago Peten Itza. This was the perfect end to a long and adventurous day! This photo was taken with a Canon 60D." - Stephen Dupuis

California Wine Country Bike Tour guest photo

Fourth Place

Fourth place is awarded to Steven Lansman from California Wine Country Bike Tour.

"This was taken on the California Wine Tour in September 2018. We stopped for wine tasting at a Geyserville winery (Foley Sonoma). Rows of empty wine glasses were lined up behind the bar against a window that opened onto a view of the vineyards. I liked all the internal reflections, color changes, lens and prism effects, so I asked the host if I could come behind the bar and take a picture. I used a Canon EOS 5D." - Steven Lansman

Canadian Rockies Snow Adventure Tour guest photo

Fifth Place (Tie!)

Because there was a tie for Fifth place, one of the Fifth Place awards goes to Deborah Glasofer from Canadian Rockies Snow Adventure Tour.

Canadian Rockies Walking & Hiking Tour guest photo

Fifth Place (Tie!)

Because there was a tie for Fifth place, one of the Fifth Place awards goes to Michael Aron from Canadian Rockies Walking & Hiking Tour.

"On the 4th day of our trip there was a special energy throughout the group. We could all feel it as we packed up our bags and pilled into the vans - today was the day of our longest hike, and only through-hike, as we traveled over Yoho Pass and arrived at Emerald Lake. At the start of our hike the weather was a little dismal and we had limited visibility as we approached Takakkaw Falls which was barely visible in all her glory. Not letting this dampen our spirits we ascended the ten plus switchbacks as we headed to Yoho Lake for lunch. As we finished lunch the sun broke through the clouds which motivated the group with optimism for the the descent to Emerald Lake. As we drew closer to the lake the weather started changing, you could smell it in the air as the clouds started to darken. As we progressed further down the trail Emerald Lake finally came into view, stopping the entire group in awe of the landscape. I paused for a second to take in the beauty of the scene before pulling out my camera - what did I want to capture? I thought about our hike and our trip thus far, which encompassed beautiful landscapes and frequent weather changes, and realized I was at the epicenter of both. I started pulling out my camera and composing my shot. Realizing there were not many strong foreground elements to play with, and I wanted to fully capture the vastness of the landscape, I decided to shoot a panorama including the rapidly darkening clouds with the contrasting lighter trees in the bottom of the frame, aiming to create layers the viewer can explore. Technical: The final image was edited in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as a 7 image panorama horizontally stitched and shot at 85mm." - Michael Aron

Also, congratulations to Billy Cano, who won the $200 Patagonia gift certificate for participating in the contest voting!

We invite you to enter the Backroads Photo Contest. Good luck!

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