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    2015 Guest Photo Contest Winners

This year's photo contest proved that our guests are amazing photographers. The winning photos were selected from thousands of images revealing the natural splendor, cultural sights and spontaneous moments on Backroads trips.

Canadian Rockies Multisport tour guest photo

First Place

First place is awarded to Neil Shapiro from Canadian Rockies Multisport Adventure Tour.

Photographer's Notes: Hiking on the Athabasca Glacier was one of the highlights of the Canadian Rockies Multisport trip. To capture the essence of this landmark, I wanted to photograph the texture of the glacier and the surrounding landscape, and include people to show its impressive size. In order to do that, I hung a bit back from the group, and waited for an opportunity where they walked more or less in an orderly line. I held the camera low to the ice to include the shapes and texture of the ice in the foreground, with the group and the glacier as background. I was lucky to have great clouds and light on the day we were there!

Vietnam and Cambodia Bike Tour guest photo

Second Place

Second place goes to Jay Potter from Vietnam & Cambodia Bike Tour.

Photographer's Notes: Several miles outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, my wife and I stopped at the earthen intersection of a small village where she was gleefully greeted by these beautiful children. Sharing with the kids, their images on the LCD screen while simultaneously taking their picture was too much to resist for all of us. I was elated to be able to capture these moments. Shot on a Canon 60D with a 24-70mm L series lens.

Canadian Rockies guest photo

Third Place

Third place goes to Max Gleicher from Canadian Rockies Multisport Adventure Tour.

Photographer's Notes: Time with family, the beautiful outdoors, cycling, and photography are all passions of mine which were all touched on during this amazing trip. The natural beauty in the Canadian Rockies made it a wonderland place to capture photos. I took this photo right after a long hike. I wanted to capture the clarity, with the purple flowers and the mountain range with fog lingering in the background. I took this photo multiple times with the hope having the different layers in focus. Every place on the trip was full of breathtaking views.

Also, congratulations to Marina Lebowich, who won the $200 Patagonia gift certificate for participating in the contest voting!

We invite you to enter the Backroads Photo Contest. Good luck!

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