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    Guest Photo Contest Guidelines

Can you shoot like a pro? Our professional photographers adhere to the following technical specifications. If you don't have the necessary equipment to meet the specs below, that's okay. Simply submit JPEG files shot in or saved as the highest quality your camera will allow.

  • JPEG files
  • Shot in or saved as the highest quality / least amount of compression
  • Format option set to "baseline optimized"
  • Adobe 98 color space (not SRGB color space)
  • 8-bit file
  • From a minimum of a 6 mega-pixel camera

For some ideas of great photos:

  • Activity shots... biking, hiking, walking, shopping, kayaking, rafting.
  • Shots of leaders and guests interacting and socializing with each other and with the locals.
  • Shots of your leaders in action—setting up an incredible picnic, delivering the morning route rap, doing bike mechanics, etc.
  • Be creative... send us whatever proves your vacation was the trip of a lifetime.

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