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Shared Possibilities

Classic Trip Possibilities Backroads Classic travelers are a refreshingly diverse group, though it's easy to find the common thread: a love of exploring new landscapes and cultures while staying active and having fun. Like us, they're adventurous spirits who want to pursue the best life has to offer. They may be 35 or 55, 27 or 63. They tell stories as varied as the regions we travel to, welcoming new experiences with the same energy and enthusiasm they bring to their "real" lives back home. Among them you'll find fellow travelers who comfortably match your pace and outlook, as well as those who liven up the mix with a different perspective. What everyone shares is a passion for discovery and an appreciation for the defining moment, whether it's a sublime sunset view from atop an ancient Burmese temple or the perfect cappuccino at a little café by the duomo.

Natural Camaraderie

Classic Trip CamaraderieThere's something about a Backroads vacation that brings individuals closer together. Maybe it's the friendly conversation as you hike to an alpine viewpoint. Perhaps it's the collective sense of accomplishment after a good day's ride or the day's highlights shared over a Michelin-starred meal. Forge new friendships. Learn something new about a friend you've known for a lifetime. Or rekindle romance with your significant other. Whoever you are and however you choose to explore, you'll connect with your fellow travelers—and the world—with Backroads.

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