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Ready to travel? This form can be used for reserving space on the same trip for up to ten members of the same household (same billing and mailing address). If your party is larger than ten, please fill out an additional form.

Once this form is completed, a Backroads Trip Consultant will contact you within three hours during regular office hours to review any missing information and confirm space availability for the trip you have selected. We are open daily from 6 am to 6 pm, Pacific time.

Reserving Trip: Andalucia Biking Casual & Premiere Inn

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Please contact Backroads to request triple or quad accommodations for adults with children. If you are planning on traveling with children on a non-family trip, please contact a Trip Consultant at 800-462-2848 or 510-527-1555 to discuss availability, age restrictions and any other concerns.

Please take a moment to review the above information for accuracy before continuing. Thank you.