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    Top 10 Trips for Beach Lovers

Sand between your toes, salty ocean breezes, the methodic sound of ocean waves crashing at the shore—these are just a few of the ingredients to a picture perfect coastal escape. From the crystal clear waters of Greece to the Pura Vida of Costa Rica's sandy beaches, this list of Backroads' top 10 trips for beach lovers checks all the boxes for a proper beach vacation. While there's likely a hammock with your name on it on each of these trips, it wouldn't be a Backroads adventure without some heart-pumping activities thrown into the otherwise relaxing agenda. What are you waiting for? Choose your paradise.

Ecuador's Galapagos Islands

Ecuador's Galapagos Islands

Welcome to the “Enchanted Isles”! The spectacular landscapes and ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands transport you to a world of truly remarkable wonders. The pristine waters and lush forests of this marvelous archipelago are the essence of raw, beautiful nature. Snorkeling in the pristine waters alongside sea lions is easily one of the highlights of the whole trip!

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Mallorca Bike Tour

Mallorca Spain

Defined by its formidable mountains and azure seas, Mallorca is a beach-loving cyclist's wonderland. Its hilly terrain and cove-studded coastline allow for the perfect combination of satisfying two-wheeled adventure and relaxing beach time. You'll fall in love with Mallorca's island charm and sunny disposition as soon as your wheels hit the island's scenic backroads

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Greece Multi-Adventure Tour

Greece: Santorini & Crete

The Greek Isles have an island vibe unlike any other place we’ve traveled. With a dry and consistently hot landscape, life naturally congregates at the water’s edge, where the refreshingly cool water and ocean breezes bring relief to body and soul. Relax on a lounge chair in the shade, sink your feet in the sand, sip a cocktail at a beachside café, or stroll through one of Santorini’s famous whitewashed villages. Sun, sand and beauty all in one.

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Santa Barbara & Ojai Bike Tour

Santa Barbara & Ojai

It’s Southern California—what more do we need to say? Live the beach bum lifestyle of bikes and boardwalks, only slightly upgraded with luxury hotels, wine-tastings and spa visits. From hip Santa Barbara to quaint Ojai, there’s something to suit every taste in this stretch of the California coastline. Take your time on the bike rides—the beach isn’t going anywhere. And when you smell the sea and feel the breeze in your hair, you might not ever want to go home.

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Bali Bike Tour


With Bali's white sand beaches as your base, set off on any number of adventures from rafting the Ayung River to cycling on a volcano and watching ancient and modern art forms unfold before your eyes. Your bike will be your personal portal to understanding and discovering Bali in all of its rich and colorful depth. Two wheels can take you far in Bali.

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Costa Rica Multi-Adventure Tour

Costa Rica

As Central America's adventure sport capital, you can bet white water rafting, surfing, hikes through the rainforest, and ziplining are on the agenda. But so are infinity pools and white sand beaches. This Costa Rican adventure is as much about the adrenaline as it is about the down time in a well-positioned hammock. Your toughest decision in this slice of paradise will be where to begin first.

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Caribbean Multi-Adventure Tour


From bustling St. Kitts to tranquil Nevis, you won't stray far from the white sands and blue-green waters on either island during this active adventure in the Caribbean. Warm tropical breezes and calypso beats will follow you as you hike, explore, and immerse yourself in West Indies culture. You'll go home feeling refreshed, pampered, and like you may have discovered heaven on earth.

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Corsica & Sardinia Hiking Tour

Corsica & Sardinia

Not quite France, not quite Italy, not quite like any other part of the Mediterranean. The islands of Corsica & Sardinia are immersed in nearly as much European history as they are in crystal clear turquoise water that envelops its sandy shores. Whether you’re in the mood for glittering seaside towns or empty pristine beaches awaiting your solitary footprints, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Provence to the French Riviera Bike Tour

Provence to the French Riviera

If there's ever a time to slow down and savor the moment, it's while in coastal Southern France with its sparkling seas, glowing sunsets, glamorous beaches, and dazzling culture. Between bouts on your bike, your days will be spent sipping crisp rosé, walking cobble-stoned streets, and feeling the warm Mediterranean breeze on your skin. To relax and appreciate are your only responsibilities while visiting this alluring seaside locale.

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Tuscany by the Sea Bike Tour Biking Tours

Tuscany by the Sea

Yes, Tuscany is famous for its fine wine, rolling vineyards, and surreal countryside landscapes but there are also pristine beaches, bustling fishing villages, and alluring blue-green lagoons to enjoy. Grab your bike for an unforgettable seaside ride through the painted Tuscan hills, past the crystal clear seas of the Tyrrhenian, and up to stunning ocean viewpoints.

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