Backroads Camp Crew: Guest Praise

The following are just a sampling of the hundreds of comments from guests that we receive annually.

YUM-O! One of the biggest surprises for me was how good the food was on this "camping" trip. You may provide the recipes, but in the end, your team has to execute and that they did! They even incorporated all of the allergies/sensitivities of the group, which I can say made me happy as a guest, but even happier as a parent of children with food sensitivities! My son is still talking about the dairy free chocolate cake 3 days later. This team had to spend the first 2 days cooking in 110 degree weather to cooking the following day in the pouring rain (and cold weather), and you would never have known the ups and downs they had to deal with. Well done! Oh, and did I mention that I was hovering over them on a regular basis because I was hoping to pick up a few cooking tips?

Jeanette Ventura - Bryce & Zion Camping Trip

Everything involved with and for the camp was always ready to go when we arrived and if there were any issues Alex immediately solved them. She was always eager to answer questions and offer assistance. The way the Camp Crew incorporated little touches to make camp feel like home, made the trip better than I could have imagine.

James Alston - Yellowstone & Tetons Camping Trip

I don’t know how they did it. This team worked SO HARD to create an incredible experience for me and my family. Not a detail was missed and they made it look effortless (although I knew they must have been working looooong days). The attention to detail and the joy they brought to the work made us have a better time on our vacation.

Lily Frances - Glacier National Park Camping Trip

Laura and Brian were both friendly and lots of fun! They never made it seemed like the cooking and cleaning were a bother and were always there with a smile. The family Olympics the last night were super fun!

Rachel Stafeil - Glacier National Park Camping Trip

Camilla's enthusiasm and passion for what she does was palpable. She was not only a wonderful and helpful camp chef/leader, keeping us well fed and coming up with creative and delicious dinners, but truly personable. Camilla came up with fun games for the kids, presented each of our meals with the gusto they deserved, and helped to make sure our campsite was well organized and prepared.

Eileen Farnon - Canadian Rockies Camping Trip

My Dad, who has done five Backroads trip (this was my first) told me how good the food was, but I assumed that meant good burgers and dogs since it was a camping trip. Man, was I wrong! I was amazed at what all our chefs—not cooks, but true chefs—were able to make at a campsite. Everything was delicious, and all three of our chefs were also friendly and interesting people.

Kate Pole - Canadian Rockies Camping Trip

Backroads took all the chores out of camping and turned it into a luxury vacation!

Tracy Hartmann - Edina, MN