Hendrik Broekelschen

Former Camp Crew,
Current Trip Leader, Trip Expert and Leader Development Coordinator

Hendrik Broekelschen

How long were you part of the Camp Crew?
I was offered the position at the Hiring Event and spent one season as Camp Crew in the Puget Sound, Southern Utah and Yellowstone & the Tetons

What was your experience like as Camp Crew?
The unique challenges of working as camp crew helped me develop skills - both personal and professional—that pushed me forward in incredible ways. For that reason, it was one of the best jobs I've ever had.

What were the highlights?
The deep friendships built with coworkers were and are invaluable to me. There is something special about working with unique individuals in extraordinary places.

What are the hardest parts of the job?
The beauty of working as camp crew is that every trip has a highlight and a lowlight. The key to success is to approach each challenge as an opportunity to learn, be spontaneous, and to crush it—obviously.

What skills did you gain during your time on Camp Crew?
The confidence to take on any and every challenge.

How did Camp Crew help you become a better Trip Leader?
It provided me the chance to learn the high-level customer service skills that are needed to thrive as a Backroads leader.

What roles do you hold at Backroads now?
I still lead trips and have recently taken on the Trip Expert position for our trips in Glacier National Park. I am also a mentor on the Hiring and Training team. Most importantly... I train our new Camp Crew!

Any advice for future Camp Crew?
Work hard and play hard.