Eric Malkowski

Former Camp Crew, Navigation App Development Coordinator
Current Leader Development & Leader Tech Specialist

Eric Malkowski

How long were you part of Camp Crew?
I was hired as Camp Crew and worked as crew for 1 season. I worked as crew in Yellowstone/Tetons, Puget Sound and Alaska.

What was your experience like as part of Camp Crew?
I had a really great experience as Camp Crew. I naturally took to working behind the scenes and working hard. However, I found that I had more of an opportunity to talk with guests around camp than I thought I would, and I really enjoyed that part as well. I can tell you that some of the low points of the position were the long and sometimes strenuous hours of work. You really have to work hard at this job! However, because I was on a team with another person, the hard work was fun. The days may have been long, but somehow they never seemed too hard when I could share the experience with a co-camp crew person. We turned the hard work into games and races and generally had a great time!

How did working on Camp Crew make you a better Trip Leader?
I'm so glad I came to Backroads through the Camp Crew position. I realized immediately on my first trip that this position was not only something I could really excel at and show Backroads what skills I had, but also it gave me a great window into the Backroads world without the pressure of having to completely run the show. It absolutely made me a better Trip Leader the next season. Watching how a Trip Leader worked from "behind the scenes" let me ask questions and learn parts of the Trip Leader job I could only get by seeing the job in action.

What roles do you hold at Backroads now?
I eventually became a Trip Leader and then the Trip Expert and Regional Systems Specialist in Glacier National Park. Currently, I am the Leader Development and Technology Specialist for Backroads. I basically do a lot of little projects for Backroads, including helping the Hiring and Training and Trip Development teams. I am also the Camping Segment Owner for Backroads (I really like camping!) and get to help guide the direction our Camping trips take for the company.