Ashton Barley

Current Camp Crew

Ashton Barley

How long have you been a part of Camp Crew and where have you worked?
This is my 1st season as camp crew. I got to spend the summer in Glacier National Park, living in Whitefish, Montana.

What has your experience been like as Camp Crew?
Very fun but very challenging, a great introduction into the active travel industry/world.

What are some of the highlights?
Meeting all the different personalities, listening to all the funny jokes, playing capture the flag with the kids

What is the hardest part of the job?
Fomo! You hear about the guests adventures, when they wish you could have joined them on a really fun hike or saw them jumping into Iceberg Lake.

Give us a little description about what it looks like behind-the-scenes at the campgrounds.
You make the magic happen for the leaders and they appreciate it, setting up camp and having dinner ready for the guests arrival. Their smiles say how appreciative they are of your hard behind the scenes work. In the end it really shines and I got thank yous all the time.

What skills have you gained during your time on Camp Crew?
Cooking delicious food in just a dutch oven! And I have learned to pay more attention to detail. I would also say communication skills - learning how to convey my thoughts and ideas clearly.

Any advice for future Camp Crew?
This will be a summer to remember! Work hard and play harder