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    Thoughtful Trip Design

Backroads just doesn't know how to put together anything but the perfect trip! Thank you for another memorable travel experience.

Jan Dotson - Loveland, CO

Again Backroads has impressed me with a well-planned, well-executed trip filled with challenges and a variety of activities to enjoy.

Deanne Roggekamp - Wilmette, IL

I was so impressed with the research that was conducted before offering this trip to your guests. Our leaders seemed so experienced in their knowledge of the country, in their ability to navigate, and their choices of the local areas we visited and the guides we had. This was truly an awesome experience...

Clare Segall - Longboat Key, FL

FAR exceeded my highest hopes and expectations! The planning behind it was perfection itself—unspeakably beautiful hikes (the most rewarding of my life), with extremely competent support both on the trail and in the camp. Superb. Superb.

Mary Beckwith - Lincoln, MA

By far, the Best trip we have ever taken. The logistics, organization, quality of guides, presentation and activity selection were all done beyond perfection. You clearly have some intelligent folks masterminding this organization.

Brad Hinrichs - Menlo Park, CA

The planning was meticulous, and the execution was flawless. From planning a 'slower' day after a very vigorous day, to making a suggested sightseeing detour after the longest uphill climb of the day, it is clear someone really thought about how and when to schedule events... I was impressed.

Wendy Schick-Dougall - Brooklyn, NY

I loved the way each day balanced the cycling with visits to local attractions, and especially how you found places and experiences that would never be presented to regular travelers.

Thomas Brashler - Chicago, IL

I love the feeling of being taken care of for a week—not having to worry about anything, knowing that Backroads has thought of everything I could ever want, in addition to a whole bunch of stuff I never would have thought of! I'm already planning my next trips.

Amy Ayres - New York, NY

This was the most well organized, truly seamless vacation experience I have ever had.

Lori Robinson - Alexandria, VA

Fantastic trip—I loved it! Extremely well planned, something I could never do on my own. I really like getting away from cities and truly seeing and exploring the country. This trip was very special. Once again I keep saying that you can't go wrong with Backroads—every trip so far has exceeded my expectations!

Calvin Low - Weston, VT

We had a great trip. It was our first time in South America and Peru. There is no way we could have duplicated the trip on our own. Before the trip I was lukewarm about the cooking lesson, visit to the school and ceramic workshop, but these personal visits turned out to be the highlights. To be invited into people's homes and businesses was very special and I'm glad we got to see the whole spectrum from the most elegant homes to the most basic houses.

Susan Vincent - Alexandria, VA

We had very high expectations after our first trip with Backroads... The combination of exercising, cultural opportunities, and geography was fantastic. So much was packed into each day, but I never had the feeling that it was too much. It was a really another trip of a lifetime.

Micah Rimer - Amsterdam, Netherlands

I feel I had an opportunity to explore and experience a part of Italy that is not overrun with tourists. The routes were truly on back roads with little traffic and beautiful scenery. Our trip seemed to be filled with extra experiences from exploring a sea grotto to olive oil tasting to dancing with a local band.

Barb Tokunaga - Milliken, CO

You have this down to a science without it feeling antiseptic. Efficiency with a smile.

Bill Mula - Chicago, IL

Everything went like clockwork. Your company and your employees exude nothing but class. Thank you very much for all the endless planning to details to make my trip something to brag about to all my friends and relatives.

Karen Gooch - Edina, MN

We LOVE Backroads! You're the best and you have got it all figured out. We don't want to travel any other way, ever again! We want to see the world with Backroads! Can't wait for our next trip! Thank you!!

Christine Cullen - Marshfield, MA

Absolutely fantastic. Nothing overlooked. This trip was run so smoothly that we never had a moment that didn't work out. I can't wait for my next trip with Backroads!

Lisa Hatcher - Newton, MA

Waking up to the early mist and hearing elephants in the fields and the birds was just magical. I'm really not a group person but this was so laid back, no pressure to participate in everything. The balance of downtime and activities was just right. I'm only sorry that jet lag prevented me from hearing the choir at the Mekong river resort and visiting the Buddhist temple the second day!

Harriet Dann - Needham Heights, MA

Every aspect seems well thought out—the hotels, meals, bicycle routes, events put on by the locals specifically for us (wine tasting, lunches, dinners, the 'lavender lady', the 'olive oil lady'), snacks, wines... The list goes on and on! This trip will go down in our memory books as first rate in all aspects!!

Linda Biaggi - Minden, NV

It was the trip of a lifetime and was the perfect recipe of all that we find essential to the ideal trip: beautiful scenery, interesting culture with opportunity to use a foreign language, historical sites, gourmet food, and active outdoors time—yet without any of the associated stressors that usually come with planning such adventures... Thanks for such an unreal experience that provided memories for a lifetime!

Craig Alpert - Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for all the research and hard work in making our trips joyful memories that we will always treasure.

Candice Nadler - Excelsior, MN

I have never had a better vacation experience. Not only did we have great biking, but we enjoyed the surroundings, learned about wine and chocolate and made great friends. I have come home with a renewed spirit. Something I did not expect. From biking to wines, to food, to surroundings, to friends. I feel that Backroads was more than a biking trip... It was a reconnection to nature and challenging yourself!!

Andi Weiss - Potomac, MD

I honestly cannot think of anything that would have improved this trip. The itinerary was well designed, incorporating a good variety of activities and environments... I choose to travel with Backroads for some locations rather than designing my trips myself because I can trust that the itinerary, accommodations, and in particular, the trip leaders, will be excellent.

Julie Kwon - Menlo Park, CA

What a fabulous adventure! Sometimes when you are in an adventure it is nice to have the option to change your plan. Some may want to linger a little longer in a village, or tour an interesting local building or sometimes avoid high winds and rain! It was great to have options available and guides to ensure that we didn't miss out on anything.

Nancy Morgan - Stoney Creek, ON

Our overall experience was excellent. Although we live in the area, it felt as if we were a world away! We loved the routes chosen... Backroads never disappoints, and we truly appreciate showing up and having everything taken care of for us. We love Backroads and will be looking forward to our next trip!

Carol Newkirk - Glen Ellen, CA

After almost 40 years of active and adventure travel on my own, this was the very first time I ventured to go with a 'tour company'. The cost was obviously higher, but Backroads provided great service and logistics and the combination of travel, activities, sights, group dynamics, learning about the area, arrangements, accommodations, food, local culture, as well as the adventurous mishaps all seamlessly blended together into one of the most enjoyable and memorable trips I have ever taken. I am sure I will be back.

Martin Friedrichs - New Rochelle, NY

The combination of keeping to a schedule and being flexible is perfect, and the balance of physical and cultural activity just right.

Vicki W. - Seattle, WA

Backroads is a well-run, organized company. It is obvious that the feedback you get from your guests is put into your programs. To all the people behind the scenes and the leaders... Keep up the good work!!!

Rita Whissell - Calgary, AB

One of the best vacations I've taken! The guides and support team, the choice of cities and hotels and restaurants surpassed my highest expectations. A great and healthy way to experience new countries and cultures.

Cynthia Guynn - San Francisco, CA

Once again excellent. The consistency is amazing, trip to trip, from the great planning to the smart, fun, knowledgeable and safety conscious leaders, to the thoughtfully designed routes to the incredible level of care in detailed execution.

Richard Wynne - Woodland Hills, CA

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