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    Solo Guests

This was my favorite trip yet. I went solo but still felt part of the group—there were nine of us so we got to know each other pretty well. Everyone included me. I felt like I fit right in with respect to others' demographics and experiences.

Mary McGlone - Mill Valley, CA

Backroads makes it easy to vacation on my own by creating a comfortable environment for the solo traveler and by doing all the logistical 'heavy lifting' so that I can just kick back and enjoy the adventure. Whether I plan months in advance or want to book a trip at the last minute, I always appreciate the enthusiasm and assistance of the Backroads staff.

Stephanie Busloff - New York, NY

This was my first Backroads trip and I was blown away. The level of service is incredible. After this experience I almost feel it is the ONLY way to travel... I chose Backroads because I wanted to travel solo and it seemed like the best way to have a full experience, and be safe traveling alone.

Kristin Cardo - Quoque, NY

As a single female who loves to travel, Backroads has provided me the opportunity to safely travel and see many different areas, have an active vacation, and to meet great people! THANKS!

Elizabeth Coombs - Philadelphia, PA

Your leaders, itinerary, and local guides have given me the opportunity to travel alone, meet new and great people, and to experience things I otherwise would have missed. Heartfelt thanks to all the leaders I've met on my trips: You make a positive difference in all the lives you touch.

Patricia Kowalczyk - Chicago, IL

Backroads supplied the ingredients and set the stage for a memorable trip. By week’s end we all felt like we had a new extended family.

Andrew Pfau - Jericho, NY

I never thought I could have so much fun with 22 people I'd never met. An endless supply of food, fun, laughter, biking and hiking.

Margaret Archer - Germantown, MD

The trip exceeded my expectations. As this was my first Backroads trip, I had some trepidation particularly because I was solo. The leaders quickly eliminated any concerns I may have had. Of course the scenery was incredible, but importantly Backroads gave much thought to the chosen routes and paths, which in turn enhanced the whole experience.

Eileen Cohen - Long Beach, NY

It was my first Backroads trip and I was traveling by myself. I wasn't sure what to expect. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I had a wonderful trip and made a lot of new friends.

Shari Liotta - Isle of Man, UK

This was my first Backroads trip and I was incredibly impressed. I have to admit I was nervous before the trip, because I was going by myself. Well, I ended up having a great time and really enjoying my fellow travelers—and the tour leaders.

Sara Oberlies - Manhattan Beach, CA

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