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    Quality & Value

We did one trip with another outfitter last summer... The value of your trips and the professionalism and personalities of your guides is more apparent to us now after that experience.

Liz Lynner - Denver, CO

I consider Backroads one of the best service organizations I know. They have never failed to meet their own high standards on any of the six trips I have taken.

John Murphey - Medford, NJ

I have traveled with at least three other active organizations and think that Backroads offers the best experience for the money. The guides have always been very knowledgeable about the region, overly accommodating, and just incredibly personable and energetic.

Donna Parsons - Atlanta, GA

It is great to confirm you are still the great adventure company we travelled with before. You are a bigger company but you maintain the quality we were looking for.

Ananda Amoros - Mexico

One often hears the phrase, 'to exceed expectations.' It is almost always hype; however with Backroads it is reality... Backroads trips are truly an adventure and a needed break in the daily demands of life. From the first contact with your staff to the final good-bye on the last trip day, quality and planning are so apparent... Backroads is quality.

Terry Robinson - White Bear Lake, MN

A very well organized trip—great guides, lodging and meals. Would recommend to anyone—a great time! We have traveled with 2 other biking tour groups and felt we got a great value and experience with Backroads. Will definitely ride with you again.

Robin Henry - Danville, CA

After taking 21 Backroads trips we have never felt we didn't get our money's worth.

Michelle Smith - Denver, CO

Quality counts, which is why we continue to take Backroads trips!!!!! Love the dedicated trip leaders who make all the logistics seamless for the guest.

Robert Lawrence - New Haven, CT

It's hard to convey to someone the value of a Backroads trip without firsthand experience. Honestly, we could never have duplicated the many elements of the trip without paying far more than we did. It was worth every penny.

Jan Williams - Adamsville, RI

I have traveled for years and think that your trips are the best trips and have great value.

Susan Hais - Saint Louis, MO

At the recommendations of friends, we booked this trip with Backroads and were extremely impressed with the quality of the entire experience. First class company and we had a first class time!

Mary Weiss - Steamboat Springs, CO

Before Backroads we tried one trip with a more expensive bike trip company and one with a cheaper one. Neither were worth the extra money or the savings. Backroads is the perfect blend of excellent routes, activities, hotels and fine meals. And the best distinction is the superb leadership.

Tom Lewand - Birmingham, MI

What would be ‘Amazing' for others is simply ‘As Expected' from Backroads. Another trip that met your high standards.

Bill Rhodes - Greenville, TX

I have gone on over a dozen cycling trips with [another competitor]. I found the Backroads trip to be superior in the quality of riding and terrain and the value in the cost of the trip.

Nena Talcott - Saint Helena, CA

What a pleasure to put everything in someone else's hands. The leaders were super, the activities were good, the hotels were comfortable, and I loved not constantly thinking about pulling out my credit card. I also loved not handling my luggage, or worrying about directions. I thought it was a great value.

Craig Colvin - Columbus, OH

When thinking about the value of the trip, I could not have put together the number and range of activities for a single week on my own. Not even close.

Carol Waldo - Ventura, CA

Easy to see that the value of your brand and business is anchored by the quality of your people. Credit to Backroads for being able to recruit and retain talented staff and trip leaders.

Jack Bartell - Marana, AZ

We think that the real difference between Backroads and some other travel companies is in the value relative to the price... The attention to detail in the program that is lined up, with lots of opportunities for cultural interaction and leaders on the ground who have researched everything so well beforehand, makes a huge difference in the experience.

Linda Edwards - Ketchum, ID

I came into this trip thinking it was a bit pricey, but came to realize quickly that it was worth every cent. Can't say enough about the entire experience, capped off by spectacular leaders! I'm usually pretty reluctant to rate anything 10/10, but kudos to Backroads for leaving me no other choice!

Kerry Baerg - Campbell River, B.C.

I wasn't sure I was going to get the value relative to the price, but I did. The real value added difference here came from your two trip leaders. I could have done a comparable trip for much less without Backroads, but the leaders really added to the overall experience. They were such a pleasure to be around and to get to know.

Michael Aviles - Austin, TX

Hands down the best vacation we have ever had! It's already a logistical nightmare trying to please a whole family; planning, packing, etc. Backroads took so much of these worries out so I could sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you!... I had some minor trepidation because of the price and my husband was not all that happy about it... At the end of the trip, he's 100% turned around and is ready to go on another trip because it was truly a priceless adventure.

Helga Stadick - Tampa, FL

Everyone I talk to wants to go on a Backroads trip after I tell them about it!! Exceptional value!! Owned and run by a family and employees committed to excellence!!

Miriam Smith - Memphis, TN

In regards to the value of my trip relative to the price... Everything was far beyond what I expected. The quality, care, and preparation that Backroads put into planning this trip really shows and made me feel special... Like being part of a family that cares about you and not just like a paying guest on a week-long tour. The friendships I made have a value that far exceeds any amount of money I spent on this trip! Thank you so much for a truly amazing vacation!

Kari Morse - Rensselaer, NY

You keep raising the bar on quality vacation experiences!

Jonathan Seder - Palo Alto, CA

We could not be more pleased to give you our money for what we get in return. The humanity of your folks and world-class planning and execution... What could be better!

Edna Morris - Belleair, FL

This was far and away the best trip we have taken... It exceeded all of our expectations. The trip was easy... All we had to do was wake up in the morning and the only real decision we had to make was what wine to drink with dinner. The various options were great for different days. When the meals and hotels are factored in, Backroads is a great value.

Eric Adelman - Ann Arbor, MI

The whole trip was amazing. I am so impressed with the directions, accommodations, etc. It was fabulous! When we first signed up for this trip it seemed like a lot of money for a bike ride but afterwards we both agreed it was worth every penny. There isn't a single detail that was overlooked. Thanks for a great experience.

Georganne Nuger - Livermore, CA

I'd spend every spare dollar I have to be able to take 25 more trips with Backroads—and I'd advise anyone who loves active travel to do the same. Do it while you can and you'll have no regrets when you can't.

Richard Seltzer - Wynnewood, PA

The value of the trip was outstanding because of the service given from your guides, the wonderful vans and bikes, the gas, all the running around, the extras like biscuit making and a wonderful cookbook as a gift from the owner/author of the class we attended, and the extra guides you used to give tours of the area etc. It is evident that you know how to manage a great business.

Nancy Young - Silver Spring, MD

The quality of the trips, people, accommodations, meals and activities as well as the value are superb.

Jeff Casbeer - Houston, TX

I continue to appreciate and value the consistency of the Backroads product. I have been on 13 trips over past 20-ish years. I continue to look forward to and enjoy my Backroads experiences. They have all been great!

Ann Fetzer - Cincinnati, OH

I would find it difficult to believe that any other organization 'does' a European biking trip any better than Backroads at any price.

Carl & Chris Blunck

Fantastic, awesome, can't wait to do it again!!! More than met my expectations!! You guys are off the charts. Won't go any other way. Worth every penny!!!

Hilda Baeza - Holtsville, NY

We do not mind paying for a great experience which Backroads always provides with excellent customer service!

Ann Briggs - Hinsdale, IL

Incredible! Every detail was considered. My husband and I typically enjoy planning our own trips of this nature and yet it was clear that Backroads pays attention to detail, needs of their customers to insure a quality experience for us and professionalism by your guides. Thank you... Everything was attended to by your quality and preparation of your guides and your service.

Judy Walden - Phoenix, AZ

We had a fantastic and memorable experience. As on our previous Backroads trips, everything went smoothly from beginning to end. Your company is truly first class. I'm already planning my next trip.

Nancy Cowley - Vancouver, BC

Backroads never fails to satisfy my curiosity and sense of adventure... I wish all businesses were run with this kind of customer-service attention, and basic knowledge (both programs and operations) at such a high caliber. Tom Hale and his team are geniuses!

Suzette Rivera - Sierra Madre, CA

Backroads has grown in the 20+ years I have been going on the trips, but it has only gotten better. From being a single person, to a married couple, to a family, I have taken trips at each stage of my life.

Linda Sterling - Montclair, NJ

I can't think of a better way to experience a country and the lack of stress in planning transportation, accommodations, etc. alone is worth the price of the trip!

Travis Fojtasek - Jackson, MI

With a second Backroads trip under my belt, I'm even more convinced it's the best way to travel. The standard of service and planning is simply top notch.

Thomas Lennon - Ridgewood, NJ

We thoroughly researched Backroads before the trip so we knew this was a perfect company. But it exceeded perfection as far as I am concerned.

Christina Owens - Lawrenceville, GA

Backroads is a superb choice for busy people. One call and everything gets done. Loved the obvious commitment to service, quality and customer satisfaction.

Heathe Lamoureux - Calgary, AB

Kudos to the Backroads team, from the day I called to sign up, to the days on the bike, to the fun activities before/during/after riding. Given the cost, this trip was a 'splurge' for me, but the value was absolutely amazing in terms of the cycling, the hotels/food, the leaders, the culture, the scenery/routes and even the great group of like-minded people that were on this trip.

Sarah Gray - Mississauga, ON

My husband is coming up on his 20th trip and I just finished my 16th now. We always find the Backroads experience worth the money and time. It gives us exercise, shows us a country in a way we could not do on or own, gives us a chance to meet people from lots of places in the world and the leaders always take very good care of us.

Cathy Thornhill - Winter Haven, FL

I've come to expect a lot (this was trip #21), but you always deliver. Thank you.

Bruce Judd - Palo Alto, CA

This was my third trip with Backroads and I have come to expect outstanding service and am never disappointed!! The trip surpassed my expectations and I am already trying to decide what my next destination with Backroads will be!!

Debra Greenstein - New York, NY

This is my fourth trip and they keep getting better! Congratulations.

Marta Amaral - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The quality of the leaders, the itinerary, equipment, and everything else shows that your company has learned how to achieve operational excellence. Although the leaders were outstanding, it was immediately clear that there is an infrastructure within Backroads that enables them to deliver such a seamless experience.

Bill DiNardo - Nashua, NH

Every trip is better than the last. Backroads never disappoints.

Connie Williams - New Orleans, LA

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