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    Private Trips

Once again Backroads came through with another amazing experience for my family... Thank you Backroads for delivering on the value-added proposition of a private trip!

Jordan Busch - Wayland, MA

Outstanding. Our group has taken annual trips with different tour companies. While we insist on quality, we also look for value. This tour gets an A+ on both counts, thus we'll be looking to Backroads first for our next tour. The performance of Backroads, its leaders and support staff were far better than anything we've ever seen before.

Tim O'Brien - Kensington, MD

We can't thank you enough for the thought and attention to detail—the planning by Backroads allows our private group the luxury to really enjoy our friendships, the marvelous scenery, challenge and thrills of rides, and the chance to deeply experience a locale.

Toni Breck - Ross, CA

For us, the biggest plus about a Private Trip is the in-depth time to spend with our long-standing friends and the opportunity to really have a great experience together.

Marc Lippman - Ann Arbor, MI

I had a really extraordinary time on the Backroads trip. The leaders were friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating and a joy to be around. How they managed to accommodate all of the different needs of our group is an absolute miracle but they did.

Wendy Klarik - Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

It was the trip of a lifetime, being with dear friends, in a beautiful part of the country, getting treated royally and staying fit.

Margot Roberts - Summit, NJ

One of the best weeks of my life—no exaggeration! Everything was perfect. What an amazing gift so many gave to me to celebrate my 50th. The only thing wrong is it's over. Thanks a million.

Leslie Barron - Athens, GA

A fabulous trip all around... Extremely well organized and allowed for flexibility and spontaneity...

Wym Portman - Cincinnati, OH

The opportunity to be with our close friends for this adventure (something we have never done before) turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I was on the telephone today with the other couples and we are all still glowing. Thank you for making this an easy and exciting trip.

Terry Corbin - Studio City, CA

This was a particularly delightful trip—the destination was gorgeous, of course, but we liked the options of biking/van opportunities, the 'field trips' and guided tours, the outstanding accommodations, and excellent guides. Our thanks to Tina for the nice bottle of prosecco in our room in the first hotel! We really enjoyed it and appreciated the gift.

Susie Philpott - St. Louis, MO

Backroads made planning easy and kept us relaxed and prepared for our adventure.

Andrew Sannes - Lake Forest, IL

Fabulous. Everything was so well done. Exceeded my expectations—which were quite high!

Caroline Sinclair - Cary, NC

The guides were all very willing to deliver whatever we as guests needed. They made it known at the beginning that if there was anything that they could do to make the experience more enjoyable that they would do it and they made sure that these things happened all week... Thank you all for putting together such a terrific trip!

Cory Ermold

This trip was probably—in the 15 we have taken—at the top of the list!! The biking routes were superb—and should not be changed. Well balanced between up and down, unbeatable scenery and the right amount of added historical sites. I cannot rave about this trip enough.

Jean Kapp - Chevy Chase, MD

The leaders worked extremely well together and fit right in with our family. They were completely receptive to our needs and were more than willing to be flexible with our scheduling. We were very impressed with their knowledge of the area and ability to pass this on in such an interesting manner.

Janet Oken - Columbia, MD

Our guides were fabulous. Everything was taken care of and every request was met instantly. There was someone at every corner to show the way and always a bottle of cold water ready for us. The food was great and the accommodations were wonderful... Backroads could not have done a better job. Thanks.

Richard Marriott - Potomac, MD

This is our second Backroads trip. Both were incredible experiences. This time, the group was made up entirely of our family: 14 people including my adult children and grandchildren. We will have to save up, but my wife and I have told my children that we are spending their inheritance so they might as well come along and enjoy.

Tim Powell - Roseburg, OR

To quote one of our leaders, 'We can make that happen for you...' This was his motto and there was nothing that we didn't experience, nor want for! Thank you again so very much!

Sherrie Gleed

Backroads is the best of the best.

Sheryl Simons - Regina, SK

This was my second experience with Backroads; both were excellent trips but this trip far surpassed excellence. Our trip had been highly researched, extremely well organized, and included a great variety of activities in different places. With the help of all of our guides, we met fascinating people in their respective areas of expertise and/or in their locale. A most memorable trip and done so, with the assistance of our guides.

Melanie Galbraith - Calgary, AB

Fantastique, Superbe, Formidable, Excellent, Oooh la laaaa!

Marion Hall - Atlanta, GA

Fantastic family experience. Our best trip yet! The trip was fabulous. The leaders and support made all the difference. Our every need was met. Our every expectation was exceeded. Thanks for the fabulous memories. Thank you.

Jim Borders - Atlanta, GA

An amazing experience and incredible trip leaders... An absolutely unforgettable trip!!

Lindsey Oken - Columbia, MD

What a wonderful trip!!! My only complaint is that the food was too too good. Nobody should eat so well for ten nights in a row. You guys are the best!

Robert Friend - San Francisco, CA

It's the experience of all-day biking and excellent service of our leaders that make your tours an unforgettable experience. Our group was comprised of all friends and neighbors—we were amazed at how everyone, even the first time Backroads participants, would go on another Backroads biking tour in a heartbeat.

Bernadette Reist - Jenkintown, PA

The trip far exceeded my expectations. The scenery and weather could not have been more perfect, but it was the trip leaders who really made this trip special. Going into the trip I was concerned about how they would accommodate a variety of riding abilities, but they did it with seemingly very little effort. They really helped make this trip a memorable experience.

Dean Goodwin - New Buffalo, MI

I couldn’t be happier. I continue to love traveling with Backroads. I am impressed with the leaders and all of the logistics, personalities, and activities that they are able to coordinate with grace and good cheer.

Mary Kroener-Ekstrand - Salt Lake City, UT

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